Lexus Financial Service (Toyota Financial service?)

Taking over a lease (IS350F sport) from Lexus Financial- has anyone had any experience on how long this process takes?
I’ve done BMW financial (2-3 weeks) Benz Financial (4 weeks)- just curious on how efficient Lexus FS works (and is it basically Toyota financial service??)

Thanks in advance

When I took over a lease from LFS 2 years ago it took about 5-6 weeks. The process is very slow and outdated. Some of the forms were mailed to the original owner and then the original owner forwarded to me then finally LFS.

I just swapped out of my RC350, took about 5 weeks.

Damn. So most of the time (assuming both parties filled out papers correctly and sent things in next day air) you are just waiting …helplessly?

Yea. We did things ASAP each. Took 5 weeks.

I assumed my brother’s Lexus lease in February 2017. We started the process in the beginning of December. We tried to expedite it as much as possible, but mailing the forms back and forth is what holds it up. I eventually just paid for a UPS account to overnight the papers when we were close to finishing the process.

Use everything overnight fedex, provide prepaid labels. 3 weeks

Oh and keep calling every day to pound em to get done