Lexus ES300H F Sport Handling

Hi Everyone, trying to get some insight.

57500 MSRP -8900 (3000 Lease Cash + 5900 Cash Discount) = 15.5% off

48500 out the door.

36 months @ 10k miles

750 with 2 security deposits.

Residual 30563 0 due at signing. True 0 drive-off (except the MSDs)

I previously had a 2024 ES350 F Sport with similar details @ 755 a month, but turns out it was a lemon. Dropoff is expected this week.

So wondering if the deal is good now that I have another opportunity. Lol.

You lease a leasehack and you finance a financehack. Anything outside of that is purely a passion project like a sports car or a gigantic waste of money.

Is there a reason you prefer leasing to financing in this situation? Lexuses (and Toyotas) are generally reliable and hold their real-world value very well (and often don’t structurally lease well, outside of the EVs), so it often makes more sense to finance them.

Honestly it’s that the ES300H model I’m looking at does not qualify/included in the promotional APR.

Is the promotional APR 4.99%?

Might be able to find a similar APR at a local credit union.

MF on the 300h is the equivalent of 6.2% APR? Might want to do the math to see if the $3K lease rebate makes up for that.

Step 1 is separating the incentives from the discounts so you can properly compare deals

Yea, it is the promotional APR. I’ve looked and best I can find is 5.99 with Tier 1 Credit.

Added that on the original post.

3000 Lease Cash + 5900 Discount

Let me know if you still want it, if it’s about the blue one.