Lexus ES 350 2021 Lease

That certainly looks like our structure.

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Wow I reviewed your spreadsheet! It’s amazing! Thank you for your hard work :muscle:

Honestly I have spoken to three dealerships trying to get deals according to your calculations and none of them seem to want to consider the 12% discount. Idk how you guys do it. I’d honestly consider hiring you to help me here lol

Also they dont stop trying get me to trade in my current lease. I’m going crazy :crazy_face:

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This is the best offer from one dealership. They claim that 12% off is not happening. Should I take this deal?

ES 350 2021 with premium package.

Why would you take this deal vs working with @leasecompanion?

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Why don’t you tell me why I shouldn’t take the deal based on the recent calc?

3.5% pre-incentive

How did you get that? It’s 9%.


He refused to budge more than 9% his reasoning was they barley have the car in stock and that he’s taking a loss.

Explain why he says this

Because he isn’t willing to do more than 9%. Who cares why if you can get it from someone else for less?

Dealers will say all kinds of things to justify their price. Some are true. Some aren’t. It really doesn’t matter which if someone else can get you the price you want.


Here is where I would be…hope this helps.

This is the only dealer who was willing to converse with me all the others claimed they couldn’t even possibly consider my deal.

This dealer claims to have a short stock on my asking vehicle which is a lie if I’m going by their inventory online.

I don’t even know how he made a claim that a processing fee was 200 wouldn’t give me a real number. Then other fees for registration 499. Nowhere online do I find this. Refused to go over 9%. I don’t even know where he got the 4669 in incentives when I could only get up to 1500 for loyalty and 2750 lease cash.

I wish man. But according to the numbers he was giving me even still the issue is them not accepting the 12% discount.

@leasecompanion is a broker. He’s saying that those are the numbers that he can lease you the car for… You’d need to discuss shipping and such, but if it saves you thousands of dollars on the lease…


I’m aware of this. I’m telling you he refuses to go at that rate. And he was the manager. You’re telling me who cares what he says but it’s not like anyone else even gave me the time.

So get it from the broker that will do the deal and forget about the local dealer…

I’m taking your advice. I have messaged him.



If after reaching out to 3 dealers in your area, none want to be transparent with you, as a consumer, you can take your business elsewhere and work with someone who will.


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