Lexus ES 300H Lease numbers -NorCal

Can you please review ?

$600+ for an ES? Do you really need to ask?

Understood .its zero drive off and 12K . Wondering what is the right ball park number for this vehicle ?

Playing with the calculator, even 13.5% off and 5 MSDs results in a $500/mo payment. Are you sure the RV is correct? If so, then this model/trim just doesn’t lease well.

Thanks Jon. i saw these numbers in Edmunds forum as well . I asked for my zip code to see if there is any difference . I will keep it posted .

Go for base or fsport. It has 2/2.5k more incentives respectively . Talk to Oakland, they will give you 12% flat.

Thanks .will follow up with OAK dealer tomorrow .

Just compare the numbers to one of the brokers posted numbers here.

any soCal broker you guys can recommend? thx