Let users maintain a "garage" that monitors their leased cars' values

Here’s an interesting idea:

Have a section where users can input the cars that they are currently leasing, their monthly payment, when the lease is finished, and their residual value.

Then use this information along with info sourced from NADA or somewhere else to determine if the car is underwater or not. Basically this can give users an alert as to whether their car has any equity and if it’s possible to trade out early from an existing lease.

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90% will be “underwater”, IMO


For a second I was thinking a Lease Garage.

Here is my idea:

You can have a watch list of cars and it’ll notify you and alert you when the residual spikes and/or MF drops. Also we can start tracking residuals and MFs like camelcamelcamel.com does for Amazon.com. Plot it on a graph and voila you have historical record to see if it’s a good time to pull the trigger!



Tracking RV and MF is a great idea. I believe @MConte05 does this for certain vehicles.

I’ve been doing it closely for the 3-series.

Will be updating to do the same for the Alfa Giulia


I’ll be interested in that one for sure. If my current Volt shopping doesn’t work out, plan B is to watch for good Giulia lease deals in the fall.


Talking about “garage”: everybody loves to look at “trophies”, so maybe a section for newly leased car photos (1 per deal) with just monthly payment and term? Now folks are asked to post photos in corresponding threads but they are all other and “disappear” with age.

p.s. and also - some like to show off :slight_smile:


Love this. Ill probably jump on the F-Type hype train down the road so this resource will be super helpful.

Updated the list for BMW. Looking like late fall might be the best time for a BMW lease at this rate. Residuals haven’t changed a bit, but the MF keeps going up 0.00006 every month. MF is highest it’s ever been for BMW: 0.00146 base

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Is this really an effect of the MSD program ending at the end of the month?