Leftover 2022 Mercedes GLE

Frustrated by lease quotes and looking into potentially buying a new 2022 GLE 350. There are a few leftover units that have been sitting for a few months in my area. Doesn’t look like there are any incentives out there. Looking for reasonable offer to make with the car being a model year old. Any thoughts ? Thanks

You could reach out to dealers and make them an offer. They will either say Yes or No. I am sure you are aware that GLEs have been selling well, so some dealers might not be too motivated to make a deal on a 1-ywar old car.


If there is truly no MB → customer or MB → dealer incentives, “reasonable” is probably in the neighborhood of (Invoice - holdback). On a GLE350 that looks like $3500-3700.

(This is where my rant that all the inventory search tools got braindead during covid). There might be ~1500 GLEs in the US, but (depending which tool you trust) only 75-150 2022s left. Some are demos, some like this one appear to not be demos and recently celebrated a birthday


How deeply dealers are willing to discount at this point, :man_shrugging:t2:

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Are you a MBCA member? They’re offering $750 on 2023. That combined with a modest discount, you may be better off.
If you’re a Penfed member, they show $1000 off for 2022 still.

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