Leaze.Deals October | BMW | Best deal: X1 xDrive28i $278/mo | DAS: bank fee/doc fee/registration/taxes/MSDs

Anyone reading this: If something is on the spreadsheet and/or in this thread, IT IS AVAILABLE :slight_smile:

Quick question, why is there a $50 price range on everything? Does that have to do with credit history?

The way formatting for LeaseHackr DealHuntr works. It provides a range. The exact number can be seen on the calculator itself.

Last 530e left! Deal OCT1

I see a c300 in your list.

Ever get deals on the c43?

Please check appropriate thread.

However, to answer your question, I do not have any C43 loaners.

I am in northeast Ohio; any x5 deals; i am interested in a purchase, could be used. thank you.

Any pics of this car?

PM sent 1010

do you still have this. I am chicago area , 60090 zipcode. Please ping me at mahe8h@gmail.com

Sorry, we don’t deal with Cook County.

I am in lake county. Not cook. Would that work ?

Yes sir, lake county should work.

Pmed you. Thanks

In NJ any X5 or 540xi deal with M sport package

I am in Ohio but I have 540 with M sport. PM sent.

Hi is this 540i deal still available? Located in SE WI.

Interested in OCT12N or OCT7L. I am in Ann Arbor (Washtenaw county), MI and can pick a car up from Ohio.
Please let me know if either of deals are still available.

Replied to both of you.

540 still available?