Leasing with Volvo A-Plan pricing

Trying to work a lease deal for a Volvo XC60 Inscription and I’m already aware I messed up by mentioning I get the A-Plan pricing through my employer. They won’t budge from it and are saying they are at rock bottom with the price. Do the dealerships get compensated by Volvo for honoring the A-Plan pricing or are they really “taking it on the chin,” to use their phrasing?

They can’t go below invoice on a-plan and they do get 2% bonus for every a-plan deal. However, you don’t have to do a-plan, just tell them you want 10%+ off before incentives. If they say no, find another dealer and don’t mention a-plan.

A plan used to allow further negotiating, but they changed their policy about a year ago. Now what you see is what you get. Generally the a plan bonus is less than what extra amount you could negotiate, so it doesn’t make much sense to use aplan currently.

Thank you both for the info.

One of the line items on current a-plan pricing for the XC60 is a purchase bonus of $1750. Is that truly for purchasing or does it also apply to a lease?

Purchase only, just as it says.