Leasing through Chrysler vs IDL (teacher's federal credit union)

I am looking to get a dodge durango (post is in this forum) and was told that going IDL (through teacher’s federal credit union) was the superior choice by the dealer. I was then told about how bad IDL is from a GMC salesman. Is it true that the IDL will try to nickel and dime me on all damage to the lease as opposed to the manufacturer ignoring all scratches under 4" and the like? Will the buyout also be much higher than it should be (you can see my other post for the information on that) to seriously dissuade me from purchasing the lease at maturity? I was all ready to start the final negotiations until I heard this information. Now I am a bit leery. Thanks.

I have a Buick Verano I leased with US Bank and it has been painless. At the time the IDL lease cash made it the way to go over GMAC.

That lease is about to be up now and US Bank sent an inspection company (AutoVIN) to my house to check out the Buick. The inspector was very nice and it took about 30 minutes. He found some dings in my left rear door where my younger son had repeatedly whanged into it with my wife’s car in the garage and it did look a bit rough, but otherwise he found nothing. US Bank plans to charge me $107 for that, but are waiving my disposition fee (not sure why, I’m turning it in). It seems reasonable.

Buyout was high (higher than similar used ones were going for on the market) but that’s because the residual on the Verano was high I think.

I’m happy enough with how it went that I’m going with a Dodge this time around, using US Bank again, taking advantage of their current IDL cash offers.

Here’s US Banks lease return and wear/tear guide, they seemed to adhere to it…

Usually I don’t agree with salesmen, but I have heard stories of 3rd party leasing companies doing that…

Depends on the car and market value at end of lease. I feel if they will lose good money when you turn it in, they will most likely try to ding you for things. My opinion is if you getting 4000 idl bonus covers the potential charges. For my jeep the CU residual was 57 percent vs 59 for chrysler financial. So looking at probabilities i went with the cu.

  1. The GMC salesman’s only objective is to get you to buy/lease a GMC product. He doesn’t give a rat’s a55 about your end-of-lease experience

  2. “IDL” is just the name of a rebate. It doesn’t specify which bank. So one cannot generalize between USB, Chase, Penfed, TFCU and every other bank & CU.