Leasing Question

Hello everyone. I have a question that I really need an answer to. I went to two different dealers Acura and Honda to negotiate a price for a TLX and Accord. I asked the Acura salesman that I would like to lease the TLX based on the TrueCar/KBB price and he told me no that the dealer usually uses a specific price to calculate the lease and that price is closer to the MSRP. Is this true? The Honda salesman told me why am I negotiating the car price for? Since the lease is based on their price. I’m confused. Can you not negotiate a price and based on the negotiated price the dealer bases the lease price on that?

You really need to read the basics of leasing, but to answer your question: Yes, you should/can negotiate the sales price. It might not be TrueCar pricing though because that price might include purchase-only incentives.

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I’ve never met you and don’t know anything about you. That said, it sounds like they sized you up as someone they thought wasn’t serious or had no idea what they were doing. Both will get you a poor experience.

Most of the veterans on this board could talk circles around dealership employees when it comes to how leasing works. Do a bunch of reading to get up to speed, or perhaps get a broker. It is tough to get anywhere without the baseline knowledge.