Leasing out of state (VA to NC)


I need some feedback regarding leasing out of state.

I currently got a pretty good deal on a lease but the dealer is in VA. I only have 250 miles to drive to pick it up. I leave in NC

Is there something that I need to do in addition because of that ?

Are there any particular things I need to watch for ?

Thanks in advanced.

There is nothing really to worry about or watch for, just make sure they have the taxes calculated correctly, and clarify if the dealer is going to handle the tag/registration.

I live in NC and my last 3 leases have come from out of state. Most larger dealers in neighboring states will have done NC deals before, so it’s not something totally foreign.

For my last lease (Audi from GA) the dealer handled everything, car was shipped with GA temp tags and the NC tag arrived in the mail a few weeks later along with registration, etc. Tax was rolled into the payment as always.

I just finalized a deal yesterday on a car in IL, for this one they have the tax calculated correctly and rolled into the payment however they said I would have to apply for the registration/tag on my own once back in NC.

In pretty much every instance it takes an out of state dealer an extra day or two to clarify/finalize the taxes, registration, etc. with their finance and back-office people, this is totally normal.

Leasing a car out of state? Get all bids and paperwork either presigned on in full writting.

You MIGHT get ‘oh we sold that car an hour ago, how about this one’ bait and switch plan.
Once they get you in the dealership you might be willing to pay ‘a little more’

Thanks for the info. Yeah they said they will take care of title and taxes and all that. I’m waiting for them to send me the final paperwork.

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On the lease deals you have got from out of state, did those offers added the 3% NC state tax showing on top of your monthly ? I’ve got one where i have the monthly payment showing without tax. When I asked them they said that tax is already i there and I see it’s showing as Cap Taxes. The 3% will still be added on the monthly right ? They said it will not, lol

Yes the tax should always be the 3% on the payment amount. If a dealer is including some type of lump sum tax up front then they’re not calculating it correctly.

However on many quote sheets the monthly tax portion is not broken out, just the bottom line payment with tax included, so make sure you’re looking at it correctly.

IME it can sometimes take an out of state dealer 2 or 3 passes at the taxes before they get it correct.

If you have a car & deal that you’re serious about moving forward on, then just politely but firmly push back to the sales rep that the taxes don’t look right, have them re-work it with their finance manager, etc.

Thank you Jeff. This is what I am talking about.

Monthly is pretty good, but there is nothing listed at tax. So i assume that tax will be added on the $420, which they said it will not, lol

Are you putting that $1000 down or is that an incentive? Also, they might be collecting tax up front so just clarify with them.

Yes, i am doing $1000 (first month included), and they said that the taxes will reflect correctly on the agreement (I’m curious).

Yea, looking at that sheet it looks like they have added tax up front on the full sales price which is incorrect.

If you’re just talking with the sales rep then they probably have no idea, you will most likely need to speak with a finance manager to get it corrected.

Tell them to calculate it and send over a sheet with only first month and the dealer fee. Ask them for the name of the company they do the titling/registration with and see what their procedures are. You can also speak with the finance person there and ask them to clarify how they’re doing NC taxes.

Yeah, they said they for it all in the system but I am going there tomorrow to finalize it and make sure they don’t collect it upfront. Thanks for the great imput!

Even before you go, make sure you are getting what you think you are actually getting. I don’t think they will pull a bait and switch, but at the same time, you don’t want them to play games at the last minute due to it being out of state. Have the GM send over something that says they’re selling you X vehicle at X price with X due at signing (this doesn’t hold any weight honestly, but it’ll give you peace of mind at least and they’re more likely to honor it).

Yeah, The GM called me and talked to me about how aggressive the $426 a month the deal is. Also he mentioned that there are no hidden fees there and all that cool aid, lol. So I am going there tomorrow and if things don’t work I’ll just come back with some experience out of it.