Leasing - My Highest Recommendation

This is my first post on leasehackr, but I’ve been reading this forum for months with fascination. I’d like to thank you for the best hint ever.

Many here have complimented @chevysalesgirl for her incredible lease deals, her honesty, transparency, integrity, and professionalism. I am going to pile on and give her My Highest Recommendation.

I was in the market for a 2017 Chevy Bolt LT lease for my wife and so I reached out to Tricia Wohler at Premiere Chevrolet in Buena Park, California.

I am here to tell you that she absolutely deserves the glowing reports that are numerous in this forum.

Our circumstance was more challenging than most, but Tricia structured a screaming deal for us. But just as importantly, I would like everyone to know how easy it is to work with Tricia.

She does not play any games at all (neither did Premiere, the dealer).

All of our back and forth was by text and I had many questions over a couple of weeks. Literally hundreds of texts. Tricia never once tried to upsell, or bait-n-switch. Tricia was always responsive and never lost patience with me.

We live about three hours away from her dealership and she took the time to make sure all was precisely in order before we made the journey to get our car and actually meet her for the first time, so there would be no surpirses.

She gave us a thorough test drive in our vehicle, the Bolt LT in Summit White with DC Fast Charger and both the Comfort and Convenience Package and the Driver Confidence Package. And she spent the better part of an hour explaining the car systems to my wife.

Our lease was truly ZERO out of pocket. We paid absolutely nothing at the dealership and drove our new car home, fully-charged and detailed. Our first payment is in 30 days and we will make only 35 payments for a 36-month lease. I am extremely happy with the entire process.

Every single item on the lease contract was exactly as we had arranged through our texts. There were no surprises and the finance manager did not try to sell us any upgrades that we had not asked for. Truly professional and truly transparent. This is what car buying should look like everywhere.

Tricia has won the salesperson of the month award for five months straight at Premier Chevrolet. The plaques are on the wall at the dealership. It’s easy to see why she wins. She treats you with respect, she’s responsive, and there is no BS. During the time we were there for the test drive and signing the contract, she made a couple more sales. It’s kind of amazing to watch! She’s like the Energizer Bunny.

And there is one more thing I’d like to highlight. I did my due diligence. I shopped 62 dealerships in California (both north and south) by email, text and phone, including all of the California dealers listed on http://ev-vin.blogspot.com/. Tricia beat every single one of them, hands down. It wasn’t even close.

If you are in the market to lease a Chevy and you are in California (Tricia does not ship cars!) you will do yourself a favor by texting Tricia first, because if you do your research, she will also be your last call.

Just do it! Text @chevysalesgirl 909-781-3640.


too kind <3 all the love! it was fun!



Honestly, you would have just post that in her thread instead of making a new thread.

Not trying to make waves, but that thread is already way too long. I suspect that there are others like me that would appreciate reading this level of detail when shopping. And this is the “Share Deals & Tips” category…


She is amazing! Our Family did 2 Cruises and 1 Trax with her. She’s the best sales girl out there.


I found it useful. If I’m every looking for a Chevrolet, now I know who to talk to :slight_smile:
Thanks for posting.

Seconded! Ditto on everything good that Xyrph just said about Tricia.
We leased a Volt from her in April.

You left out the price??

I figured I would leave out the price in my post for a few reasons:
I got a great price with a lot of incentives. Naturally we’re on a lease deals forum, so if I ended up closing a deal, you can assume I got a good deal. Deals change month to month, some months higher, others lower depending on incentives. Maybe my deal is $10 more than what is availabe right this minute/month… then you’d think I got a bad deal. Or what if the deal I got was $20 lower? You might think the dealer was trying to milk you today. This thread was to send some up votes to Tricia and not to gloat over a specific number.


Agreed. …

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You must be an engineer, even I don’t do that much work of comparison and I do a lot.

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I have to say @chevysalesgirl is one of the best sales person that I ever encounter with (and I encounter multiple BMWs, Lexus, Honda and MINI sales over my last 20 years). Simply put, she will take care of you and be upfront on all numbers and don’t play game at all. My Volt buying experience is probably only second to my first BMW ED in Germany. She and her team at Premier Chevy deserve all the good mention. I will indeed going back to them if I am going to get any Chevy in the future.


I have not purchased from her but I appreciate the transparency. I wish more dealers would do the same. It’s almost like a game when I go in called “where did they hide the extra payments?” They try to be sneaky and in business that’s not a good way to build a relationship.


Glowing review and i have to agree. I reached out to her last week for few numbers. She came back fast and quick. Due to personal reasons decided to wait for 1 more month before leasing but there was no pressure anything and she was always easy to respond. I am in NCA and she even went on to ask if I even reached out to Phil who is also a member of the forum and provides deals. Not that is awesome. She knew it would be much easier for me to get from a local dealer vs driving. I know where I am going first to lease my next GM vehicle.


I am new here. How can I contact Tricia or @chevysalesgirl (same person I guess)? Thanks

Just text or call her. This is her cell number: 909-781-3640

I would text her as it’s end of month and I’m sure she’s busy right now.

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Funny. I am an indeed a retired engineer. Of the 62 dealers I contacted, 20 actually quoted me. Tricia was best.


i need ONE more today :anguished::penguin:

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Should complete mine today instead :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: