Leasing Logistics/ Realistic negotiation



Been trying to figure out all the logistics that go into leasing and hoping to get a Jeep Wrangler. How realistic is it to get for $300 or lower payment? I was just given a quote for $417 tax included, 48 months/ 12K mileage, with 2K down payment. I know I shouldn’t go over 39 months and I plan to call back and ask for 36 months, but realistically how low can I go? He lowered MSRP to $33950 with dealer discounts. I didn’t get the MF. This is for Jeep Wrangler Sport 8 speed automatic w/ OD.

Also, I am still a bit confused about increasing down payment with a lease. I know I should only be paying the acquisition fee, title, registration and some dealer fees but when the dealer asks me if I can pay more down payment for a lower monthly payment, is that just paying the same but putting the money in a different bucket? In other words, not changing anything in terms of how much I’m paying in total?

Would really appreciate someone’s help!

Also thinking about lowering down to 10k mileage.

Hi - take a look at this great write-up👇 good luck! It’s not Jeep related, but great basic concepts


Any money down that is not used towards your intial fees is going towards cap reduction, its lowering the monthly payment (Its not going to waste).

I would be at or a little under $400 tax included on this vehicle (48/12k with $2000 due at signing). Wranglers don’t have great lease incentives right now and also the 4 door has a much better lease on it due to a higher residual.

Also the 36 month term on this vehicle is about $70 more a month, thats why everyone quotes 48 month on this vehicle

Ah okay got it.

If I can get to around $375 I would be happy. This one in particular has some mileage on it because someone had it delivered and then had to return it. I’m waiting to hear back on the exact mileage. I also asked for 36 months with 10k mileage.

He said it might have “a bit over 2k” miles on it.