Leasing Loaners/CPO -- Which ones?


I am currently looking into leasing a BMW loaner and was wondering if any other brands offer the same.


On a relevant note, does anyone have any experience leasing a loaner that was in an accident (dealer states it was a scratch and dealer repaired it but states it was reported to carfax)?

The quote I received seems very very competitive for this vehicle but I’m unsure how the turn-in would work, and if warranty is void due to having an accident reported?


If it is fixed to “original” condition, then no problem. Same as if you get in an accident in your leased car and repair it.

@Ursus, would you happen to know how RV/MF/selling price is affected for accident loaners as a rule of thumb?

I would assume selling price drops significantly and maybe what I think is a very competitive price actually isnt? It also has >6k miles, so using a rule of thumb .25*6k= 1500 off cap.

RV & MF are not affected if it’s still a new car, I would think. No idea how it would work on used (CPO) cars. But you are correct about selling price - you should be able to get much higher discount either way. Deduction in RV for demo/loaner mileage is calculated differently though. @conanohasselhof or other BMW aficionados can tell you exactly how.

i’ve leased a BMW that turned out last min during the negotiation phase that it had an accident on carfax. Because of it I ended up getting a much better deal. My payment dropped another 14% of an already really good payment.
I insisted they would write down on paper that it had an accident and also there were some scratches they didn’t fix properly and i had them write it down on paper so that at the end i wouldn’t be able to get dinged for it. They were a little bit hesitant to do it but i ultimately got them to do it.
I agree with @Ursus that if the car is fixed and in “original” condition, it should matter. I haven’t turned in my car yet so can’t say for sure how it turns out but i just wanted to let you know the precautions i took to avoid any issues at the end.

One more thing to note, if you are going in leasing an accident car, that means that if you were planning on “trading it in” or selling it to carmax, you will not get close to what the price would be had the car not been in an accident. My previous car had an accident and i took it to carmax at the end of the lease to see if there was any equity, it was $10k less than payoff due to the accident. Just be aware that you will most likely have zero equity if you tried to get out of it other than returning it at lease end.

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Very good point [20 chars]

Disclosure (accident) cars are actually the ones the guys at the dealership end up driving because the deals are insane. As long as the work was completed by a bmw authorized facility (which it should) you have nothing to worry about at turn in. BMW loaner residuals are calculated like this: standard residual - .25 per mile on the car minus 500 miles, if the car has more than 5k miles deduct an additional 4%.

Regarding 305’s comment about turn in, BMW residuals are so inflated for their cars its irrelevant (unless you are looking at M4 GTS), they will never be worth the residual so its a non-factor.

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Didn’t want to create a new thread on something that has already been discussed. It seems like @conanohasselhof @305Hackr have had experience leasing a vehicle with an accident on carfax. I am currently negotiating on an '18 E300 loaner (7k+ miles) which has been in 2 accidents (unbelievable), in both the accidents the front and rear was damaged. I am trying to get some details from the dealership on how extensive the damages were. Its a $66k MSRP car and they are offering approximately 25% off. Should I be aiming for more, maybe around 27%? (I qualify for Penfed on top of this so an additional 2% off)

My dealer dropped car 14% extra after discovering the accident. That’s all I can give you as guidance but that was for BMW

Thanks! So the total discount that you got including the 14% was?

I don’t remember exactly… I wouldn’t have considered sub 20% so it was at least that before the extra 14%

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Thanks a lot for your help!

Remember you are paying only for the part of the sales cost in lease. A 1% or 2% reduction in sales price will have huge difference in monthly lease prices.

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I am going to propose 30% off to the dealer. Lets see what response I will get

So I tried but the dealer won’t even consider 28% off the MSRP and is adamant on the 24% off saying that if its a lease I shouldn’t be concerned with the depreciation because of the 2 accidents and mileage on the car

Tell the dealer he shouldn’t be worried about the fact you are leasing because the dealer is still selling the car for market value, no matter who ends up buying it, and they will be getting paid the same amount whether it be a bank, lease company, or cash from a customer.

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