Leasing Loaner Cars

Is leasing a retired loaner car a good idea? I’ve only seen a little info but it seems like a no brainer? Is there a downside I’m missing? Do all dealers/brands offer this? I seem to see it mostly from MB/BMW

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Each brand has different policies for mileage and rv, but you can score great deals with the additional discount available on a loaner.

I feel so, as long as the payment’s lower than a new one and the warranty is the same or longer than the lease term.

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How would you recommend researching who I can get the best deals from?

Well if we knew the answer to that, we wouldn’t need this forum!

Seriously though, it all depends on what you want and are willing to pay. I don’t know of a way to search loaners for sale unless you go to each dealer website and even they may not have any identified. But I would guess the luxury brands in larger markets have more generally available.


Many people have farted in these loaners. As long as you are ok with that.


It might vary by state or area for legal reasons, but what I’ve found helpful is going to Autotrader, Cars.com or Cargurus and picking what I want, and searching by mileage highest to lowest, making sure the filters are set to “new”. Anything you see that’s over a couple of hundred miles is a good bet to be a loaner or demo. FWIW I’m in New Jersey so legally a car is considered “new” until it is titled, so this could vary in different states.


We saved them in concentrated form so that you can enjoy them later at your leasure

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Well you have to accept the fact that provided that you are letting anyone else ride in your car, at some point someone is going to fart in it.


Loaners are junk.



Thank you, I used CarGurus. Found a 2018 Nissan Maxima Platinum, formerly a loaner. 6,000 miles but listed as new and dealer is open for a lease. Any suggestions on how to negotiate? What kind of a discount should I expect?

I bet a new Infiniti is cheaper, less farts too. And MB and BMW loaners. I’ve never seen a maxipad lease on here, so I assume they are terrible.

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Well if its leather, i dont think fart goes thru. Dont know about ventilated though.


Probably not going to lease well.

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A loaner still has to work within the parameters of the lease programs offered for the particular car. If the programs are bad, the loaner will just be possibly slightly less bad. I don’t know Nissan’s rules off the top of my head, but there may be a penalty on the residual value after a certain amount of miles, which I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s less than 6,000 miles. That sounds like the kind of car that the dealer probably just wants to sell at a discount and finance. With that being said, this is a good primer on demos and pricing to give you some guidelines to go by.


RIP Eric…taken away from us way too soon.


A loaner or a demonstrator?

Has to be a demo. Infiniti doesnt allow loaners to br leased so I doubt nissan would be. Either ways on Japanese brands I think its better to stick to new as dealers always know they can make more by selling as CPO then leasing it with big doscounts

Fart to mile ratio should still be similar whether its a loaner or demo

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True, but I was barking up the tree @mani_is_kool was referencing.