Leasing Last Year's Model in the New Year

I’ve got a question I’m hoping someone can answer. I’ve been told (by several dealers no less) that they will not lease last year’s model this year. For instance, it’s April 2017 and there are a lot of deeply discounted 2016 models sitting around. Yet when I call to get RV and MFs I’m told that they won’t lease them.

Now I know in the past that I’ve leased both previous year and current year vehicles (did them both on the same day actually). Can someone shed some light on this? Is this something that’s different by manufacturer?

In my area Ford had a program to lease leftovers. GMC did not…

Yes, it’s different for different manufacturers. Take BMWFS for instance, they stopped leasing all 2016 models at the beginning of this month. Which vehicle were you looking to lease?

Actually I’m open to several different vehicles. But there appear to be a lot of 2016 Mustang GT Premium Convertibles around at fairly decent prices. And if you look at Ford’s most recent car sales report, Mustangs were down 27% from last year (all sales being down around 24%). I’d figure they’d be close to giving them away at this point…


2016 Range Rover TD6/HSE
59.5K residual

4.1k driveoff including first month payment and 2860 in NY upfront tax.

Payment is $960 a month.

This sound good?


Rael - Mustang GTs don’t lease well to begin with so first thing you’d want to do is try and find a vehicle that leases well then go from there. I think the ecoboost mustangs have good leases (someone else please chime in) so if you’re interested in that you should be able to work something out.

Just because something is discounted doesn’t mean it will be a good lease. RV low, MF high, etc.

No sounds too much. Shoot for 800 a month max.

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