Leasing Jaguar F-Pace Premium

Hello Everyone,

I am a recent graduate and planning to lease Jaguar F-Pace Premium or Prestige. This would be my first lease. I don’t have much idea but I have gone through this blog and was able to get a basic idea on the lease.

If you can provide me some good numbers and how should I approach the dealers then it would be a great help.

I saw following deal:

Jaguar F-Pace Premium
$5k Down
7500 miles annually
39 months
Monthly $449

I am looking to lease a car under $500 with $0 down.


This one is even closer but you will still need to be able to negotiate and additional 2k discount to make it work

Thank you for the quick reply. $400 sounds really good deal but down $5k is very much. I am looking for 0 down. Also, what is the location of this deal?

@nikespassion This is exactly why @vhooloo said “you will still need to be able to negotiate and additional 2k discount to make it work”

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Looks like everyone who wanted to overpay for an F-Pace has one now. Jaguar has come to their senses a little bit and made the lease programs slightly more digestible but with 5k down they’re going to need to chill out. Makes the payment $528/month on a $48,144 car.

Knock $2,000 off you’re at $476/month which fits under the 1% rule.

I am holding out hope that sense will prevail in 3 months when my lease extension runs out.

Yes it’s a nice car and yes they are selling relatively high numbers of them and making bank, but I don’t see that many in the road, maybe 2 or max 3 a week…coz I live near a jag dealer!!!

Leases need to get on par with the XEs and some lease support. USBank residuals and MF would be great, a la ftype!

*relative to the small volume Jag pumps out per year

All wishful thinking on my part.

With Jags, maybe find a VIN that is a base model (aka the cars that are less in demand) … they call them “non-VIP”. That may be how you get the $2k off

Can’t blame Jag for swinging for the fences on pricing. We’d all do the same if we were in their shoes. Personally I don’t see that kind of value in any car, but to each their own.

@vhooloo Thank you for the find.

@Ursus Yes, if I get 2k more off still it’s 3k down, I am looking for 0 down.

Guys, any suggestion how should I approach to make it 0 down?

Also, I heard that April is when you get the most deal after the year end?

They are trying to say that the advertised deal is equivalent to about $527 a month with 0 down (Dividing the down payment by the length of the lease and adding that to the original payment).

So if you were to get another $2000 off of whatever their sale price is, you would most likely get under your $500/month limit.

Are you saying you need $0 down or you would like $0 down? There is a difference.

So far, the only person on this forum that has gotten a $0 down on a Jaguar (F-Type) is @Alex and not really sure how he pulled that off. I would advise that you save money for a down so you can have that extra lever. Theoretically, the downpayment is really mental math that you divide by 36 or 39 months like @GOMD said and add to you monthly and you are still at $500/mo “effectively”.

FWIW, $500/mo with $0 down on an F-Pace (which is still not piling up on the lots AFAIK) is still not that great of a deal but if you like the car and have the budget, go for it!

My drive off was $1,700- it included the acquisition fee, first month , etc.

One of the greatest factors that I believe was that it was month end. I literally came in to sign during closing time on the last day of Jan.

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My best bet going off the ad you posted- should be able to negotiate for $2000 in drive off, $451 a month before tax , 36 months, 10,000 miles.

Edit: the posted ad includes elite care- which correct me if I’m wrong- isn’t usually included// additions upon agreeing to the lease and does get quite expensive.

EliteCare is included for free now for the 2017 F-Type, so I’m guessing it’s included for all new Jags now?

Other than the f-type I’m not sure- sorry.

@chrisgo Thank you for the answer.

Correction: I would like 0 down. :slight_smile:

@Alex: Where did you buy from?

@Alex and I got ours from Rusnak in Pasadena, ask for Todd (Sales Manager).

The only difference is Alex spent a lot more time and had a $1,700 drive-off. We spent about 5 minutes and had a $4,000 drive-off ($1,800 of it was down) but we are still very happy with our deal.

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@Alex – I am based in Los Angeles, and am looking into the 2019 Jaguar F Pace lease. Do I need to be going to Todd in Pasadena? Ha!

Nearing the end of January, and hoping to get a deal not as good as yours, but as close as possible. Any advice would be helpful in negotiating a lease!!

You realize this thread is 2 years old? And @Alex got an F-Type before, not an F-Pace.