Leasing in Delaware

What region do Delaware leases fall in? The only ones I keep seeing for northeast are mainly NJ / NY / CT. Can those incentives be applied in Delaware?

It depends on the manufacturer. Delaware isn’t the South and it’s right by Philly so typically it has the same incentives as Philly, NYC metro, etc.

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If you are in “Slower Lower” they might not even allow you to lease a vehicle.


Just curious, but why not?

Haha… because when you get south of Dover there aren’t any paved roads in Delaware…sorry, my attempt at a bad joke!

Lol, they are paved :rofl: :rofl:

You’ll quickly see that you cannot get any of the deals posted here due to our awful “taxes”. People are paying $200 for tags on a $55k car. That would be $4k+ here in Delaware.

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The “document fee” is 3.75%.

Delaware does have a $3500 State rebate for BEVs. Lesser for PHEVs. Rebate is applicable to both leases and purchases. Basically paid for nearly my entire Hyundai Ioniq EV lease back in October.

where are you getting 4k?

55,000 x .0425 = $2337

would love to see a dealer that charges $1700 for doc fee, tags + title.

Gotta make tax back somewhere… 0% sales tax probably nets back most people $1-$2k a year back.

Exaggerating… but 4.25% + the 2% (or whatever it is) usage tax hurts.

the 4.25% adds $60-$120 for 50-100k vehicles + $10-$20 = roughly $70 to $140 extra a month… I think pre-tax deals are better apples to apples comparison here but you probably save 2x that annual tax on sales tax alone.