Leasing from out of state, far away; how is registration handled?


Currently negotiating a lease from an out of state dealer over 1000 miles away. I’ve got a shipper and a quote all set to have the car delivered here to me in NYC. My question is this: who handles registration? Will I go to the DMV to get the registration and tags?

And also, a NY specific question: how does tax work, since NY has that tax up front rule that most states don’t.

If anyone has first hand experience or advice on this, it would be much appreciated. I just want to make sure I know what I have in store for me once the car (hopefully) shows up (fingers crossed on this deal).



in my experience, the dealer will charge an estimated registration fee on the contract and give you a temporary tag good for about 30 days or so (might vary depending on location) so you have tags while you wait for the registration to go through. Then the dealer will submit the paper work and if it turns out you overpaid because the actual fees are slightly lower then the dealer will send you a check in the mail of the difference.

As for the taxes, maybe @nyclife can chime in and answer that question.

+1 on what 305Hackr says, plus AAA membership allows you to use their DMV services instead of standing in line at the actual DMV, worth every penny imho
If you already have the membership, you can just call and ask them.

So the dealer can submit the DMV paperwork via mail I take it? The dealer is located in Florida, and I’m in NYC, so it’s pretty far. Will the dealer still handle the DMV work in such a case?

@mf44 yes they handle it if they’re experienced with out-of-state buyers.

BTW…im from FL and i find it hard to believe that you can’t beat a FL deal closer to NY, such as GA.
The shipping $ can be cost prohibitive. I’ve personally gotten a car from MA and it was expensive to ship to FL.

That’s encouraging. I’m in SWFL and will be looking to lease something new here soon. I’m all over the place though. Volt, Giulia, Camry, CX5… Glad to hear I might not have to go to NYC or Cali for a good deal.

well I’ll report back on how good of a deal it turns out to be… it might still fall apart

Thanks for all the advice!