Leasing from a dealer out of state - any states to avoid?

Live in FL, been eyeballing some cars in other states (loaners, etc). I’ve been trying to gather solid info on leasing cars located in other states and driving them back to FL, but not finding anything definitive.

Are there any states I should avoid looking to lease and drive it back from?


Hawaii as well


Alaska. :grinning:

I live in California and found a vehicle I want in Nevada. The Price seems good but not sure if Leasing a Vehicle from another state is actually cheaper?

Any Ideas.

Subaru Crosstrek Limited Options Package 23
Here is the info you requested:

MSRP: $31,252

Your Price: $28,207

Residual is 61% of MSRP for 15,000 miles a year lease.

Money Factor for Tier 1 = 0.00150 On Approved Credit

We can’t figure exact payment without a full credit application

$0 down is available

(My Tax rate is 9%)

My Navy friend wanted to lease a Crosstrek for his wife and we found solid deals at Subaru Carlsbad, CA. They wanted a Limited white with black interior. Subaru Pacific (Hawthorne) also gave some great quotes on Crosstrek, Outback and Forrester.

Registering a lease in California after leasing it out of state for me was frustrating. Dealership didn’t send proper paperwork. DMV was needing specific paperwork. My local DMV office seemed like they didn’t even know how to handle a out of state lease on top of it. Maybe you might have better luck with urs.

Poor, drunk or stupid are three states to avoid.


I am in PA and the fees for deals outside my state are really high. Typical fees are around $1500 here but i see offers that need $3000+ in NY and NJ

True. Avoid the states with high doc fee like FL right @mani_is_kool??

I leased a Honda Accord in MA when I lived in NY and it was seamless . Even traded in another Honda Accord. All paperwork done via overnight mail. Drove up 4hrs and was in and out in under an hour and that’s with them taking an old Accord and getting the new one. I was back in NY around 5/6pm that day.

NY tags and registration came in the mail about a week later.

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Ha! We’re not that bad unless you want to take car home same day.

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Come on vhoolo !
Just negotiate the dealer fees in the discount of the vehicle. Problem solved. It will show on the contract yes, but so will the lower sales price


MD, VA, and NJ have much higher doc fees than PA. OH is equivalent and NY is lower. Not sure about WVa, but that’s barely a state.

Curious why you think MA is a bad state to lease a loaner in? Educate me!

After moving to NC nearly 15 years ago from MA, I can’t believe same day delivery is still an issue in MA.

Only for out of state!

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GA state law requires a drivers license where you’re titling, so that makes it difficult if you’re looking for a car as a FL snowbird!

http://www.realcartips.com/newcars/482-documentation-fees-by-state.shtml a good link for doc fee overviews.