Leasing directly from an out of state dealer

Just wondering…if I found a car at an Audi dealership out of state, does the deal need to go through my local Audi dealer? Or, can I deal directly with the out of state dealership to lease the car?


You can deal directly with them. Some dealers don’t like to deal with out of state deals though and some brands (JLR for example) have regional restrictions on who they can deal with.

You just need to make sure it’s clear who is responsible for getting your plates, you or the out of state dealer.

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Thanks for the comments.

You can deal with them directly. Just mention that you live out of state in the beginning.

An additional question does that also mean you can return the car to the local dealer at lease end?

Yes, you can return the car to any dealer and have the dealer ground it… does not need to go back to the original dealer.


Thank you all.