Leasing an 2017 Audi Q7

I’m interested in leasing an 2017 Audi Q7 but the monthly is way too high. If this is even possible, how could I drop the monthly from $600 a month to around $400? My first attempt was to go at the end of the year sale. Just wondering if there are more ways to help with my issue.

It’s almost impossible to drop the payment that much on any car. If you want $400 per month, the Q5 should be doable at that price point

Easy :slight_smile: $1K = $30 off the lease payment, so you need to find $7K somewhere.

  1. Put down $7K as cap cost reduction (which you should never do on the lease) .
  2. Get $7K off of the quoted price for $600/mo through dealer discounts/incenitves, which I highly doubt you will get on 2017 model.
    Getting MF = dealer buy rate will help somewhat, but not that much as you want.

For a car that starts at around $55k MSRP, you’re really going to have a hard time getting the payments as low as you desire.

As stated above, you’ve got to somehow knock the price down by $7,200 on the car’s sale price to drop from ~$600 that it seems you’re initially quoted. However, even that $600 payment seems low for such a car. Audi’s got a high MF on the Q7 (.00224) and the residual is just so-so at around 60%. With those numbers, you’re looking at a monthly payment over $800 (not including tax!) before incentives and discounts, so I’m not entirely sure how you plan to halve that.

I’d suggest looking at another vehicle if you truly require a lower monthly payment. I’d also suggest you don’t get too fixed on the monthly payment with a lease, but rather on the car you want or can truly afford, and then realize the payments from there. Don’t stretch yourself with a lease just because you can.

not really interested in the Q5, but I understand where your’re coming from. Thanks

I never new that $1K= $30 off

$7K is way too much for a lease. I might as well finance a car if I’m putting a down payment of that much.

thanks though

The Q7 is just a car I really wanted because of the new design. I have other options, like an A6, RX 350 or the 2017 E350 coming out soon.

Do you think I have a better chance at getting my payments at $400 for those cars I just named?

possible on a6 or e350, but not the new rx350.
I will take the q7 for $600 now if that’s even possible. $800 seems right number for q7.

With 0 cap cost reduction - no chance on 2017 models. And I highly doubt it’s possible on 2016. You are looking at about $50K+ cars. A6 below - $4,219 due at signing adds $140/mo (with 0 cap cost reduction). Add TTL, dealer fee and $795 (if dealer does not pad it) acquisition fee - will add another $2-2.5K ($60-$70/mo) or more. You may get a killer discount from a dealer, of course to compensate for all of this. You’d need the sale price at around $40K based on .00081 and 56% to get to $400/mo NOT including all that cash above in your monthly payments.

2016 Audi A6 2.0T Quattro Premium Special Lease*

Manufacturer Offers
$429 per month for 36 months
$4,219 cash due at signing
Offer only valid 4/01/2016 through 5/02/2016
Excludes tax, title, license, registration, options and fees. $0 security deposit. For highly qualified customers through Audi Financial Services

You’re really not going to be able to find a deal on cars like the ones you want, especially new model years. $400 for any of them is out of the question. You can usually work a deal off the advertised price, but not something crazy. Here’s what I mean by crazy.

2016 E-class is advertised at almost $650/mo, again with an MSRP around $53k base, 4matic even more. Getting close to $400 is out of the question for the new 2017 model, you might get lucky for a 2016, but not $400 lucky. You’re talking about somehow getting a $9k cap reduction (discount) before taxes and fees, so more realistically a 11-12k cap reduction (over 20% off!).

You might be able to work with an A6, advertised leases right now are around $550/mo as suggested by Ursus. You’d have to do MSD as well as work out a solid discount on the selling price, but $450 is potentially doable. $400 maybe if you’re lucky and work hard for the (probably impossible) deal.

If you are stuck at around $400/mo, you need to look at other options. All of these advertised prices don’t include TTL, dealer fees, tax, or lease fees. Those could easily be $50/mo, if not $100/mo extra to the lease, so realistically all of these cars are out of the realm of possibility for you if you are absolutely set with a $400/mo budget.

At the end of the day, you’re going to have a hard time getting in a luxury car for the all-in $400/mo budget unless you go with the lower end of luxury lines. Such as BMW 3-series, Mercedes C-class, lower-end Lexus RX or something with Infiniti. Maybe look at Infiniti as they have the luxury mark with features, and usually lower prices. QX60 starts around $43k, which is a much lower entry point for a larger SUV.

Agree with ffflllyyyeeerrr: look at the entry luxury cars. I posted before about my Volvo S60 Inscription lease I got at the end of March - $328/mo all inclusive with only $350 upfront on a $42,575 car, but it included $1,756 trade-in credit as a cap cost reduction. Even without this $1,756, the lease would still be at around $378. Also, you can look at low mileage loaner/demo leases from MB. My MB dealer friend offered me $372/mo with only first payment at signing (and including any trade in credit) on a 2016 C300 4Matic with a sticker $50,500 ($40K cap cost) and 3K miles. He gave me their special MB pricing and wasn’t making any money on it, however.

Ursus: You got a really good deal on the Volvo S60. Can you provide the details of the lease. Thanks.

Here is the link: Volvo S60 T5 E-Drive/Inscription/R

I have a 65k msrp '16 e350. I did 9 MSDs and got 15% off MSRP. my total interest cost for lease is about 700 dollars. with that my payment is 507.50/mo w/o tax.

i’m also in the hunt for a q7 for the wife, but might be easier to finance than lease based on what i’m seeing so far.

Unless choosing an aging model, you’re not going to like the numbers you get from the dealers. Unfortunately…

Just got off the phone with Audi of Ft Lauderdale on an Audi Q7

They want $1000 off MSRP
plus $599 doc fee
Plus $798 dealer fee
Plus .00035 mark up on the buyrate


Why is Audi trying to rip-off Q7 buyers?

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Sometimes luxury doesn’t necessarily requires demand, but quality you wanna envy.

I have a lease quote from Audi. Please help evaluate. Q7 2.0 premium plus. 36m/10k miles lease.

MSRP - 60,190
Selling Price - 57,690
Cap reduction - 1,755
Money factor - .00132
Out of pocket - incl. first month and inceptions - $3500
Monthly payment(incl 6% FL taxes) 798.39

That’s very pricey for a SUV with an MSRP of $60k. Audis in general lease terrible, especially the Q7. If you really have to have the Q7, purchase it over leasing it.