Leasing across state lines?

I am looking to lease out of state. I’ve had one dealership work with me and we they weren’t quite as flexible as I wanted on price, but I’ve been looking elsewhere… Today, I had a CA from a dealer in California tell me “it’s almost impossible to lease across state lines”.

Is this a case where the dealer just doesn’t want to do it?


Depends on the brand. Out of state BMWs and MBs deals seem very common.

He emailed me again - and said they are possible, but the three dealerships he’s worked for have not done so because of issues that can arise…

Just leased from CA to NJ. From prior experience, i can tell you it’s usually the DMV work and how tax is reported to the different states that can cause delays. Once you know the process it goes pretty well but you need to be involved in the process largely because of the the time difference.

after shipping it was still worth it to get the car from CA?

I have a relationship with the dealer. In this case the car was actually in NJ (demo) so i just had to pick it up. For anything highline or unique, I would say it makes sense.

It’s possible as I recently did the whole out of state lease process AZ>CA. It’s a PITA IMO. The registration process is a little more involved but may be worth the savings or if it’s a one of a kind find. Not impossible, but may take patience and time.