Leasing a Volt in a non-CARB state

It is sooooo frustrating living in a non-CARB state(PA) trying to negotiate a 2017 Volt lease. Our absolute best offers are well over $100 more per month then the #'s shared in many forum threads. Even if I lease in neighboring NY state, I’m still beholden to my PA zip code. BUMMER!!

Can anyone offer any solid leasing advice to combat our uncompetitive non-CARB situation?

Move to a CARB state. :stuck_out_tongue:

But seriously, CARB staters get $2,250 extra lease cash compared to non-CARB. For a 36 month lease, that is at least $63/month extra you will have to pay. Doesn’t help that CARB state dealers usually discount Volts more than non-CARB dealers, which probably explains the $100 price difference. That is just the reality of the situation.

I am painfully aware Bro1999. I flew to Michigan to get my 0 down $144.92/mo @ 36/mos 12k mile 2014 Volt lease but this time around it does not appear any non-CARB states have compelling lease offers. Most PA dealers don’t even stock Volts. If they actually have one or two, they treat it as a premium product and try not to share the lease rebate with you. Even bonus tag cars can only use $500 toward a lease and it appears chevrolet.com no longer offers the $1000 private offer pop-ups. AYECARUMBA!!

But… if I moved to a CARB state my taxes would TRIPLE!!

Dealers are starting to come around with end-of-month, end-of-year quota’s coming into play. While my final deal will not be impressive by this sites standards, it may be exceptional for a non-CARB state.

Once the dealer enters the GM Financial leasing website it should show up after entering a CARB state zip code. GOOD LUCK!!