Leasing a Muscle/Sports Car in NY

Hello all, first time posting on here :slight_smile:
Currently residing in NY and i wanted to know if anyone on here leases a sports car that is used only
during summer times etc…
my budget is at 450/month which is in the 2021 Challenger R/T scat pack territory for lease, or a used
muscle car that ranges from 2012-2016 that is around 30k that would be around 450/month for financing for 72 months etc…

About 2 months late for the Camaro LT1 bonanza


Using a traditional lease, your gonna need to tack on another $100 ($550/mo) to get into a base Challenger Scat Pack right now. More if you want the body kit and decent options. That is, if you can even find one. Best approach is to order one from a dealer still offering discounts and then look into credit union balloon loan programs for financing.

I sold Carvana my Challenger Scat, about 2 months, and now I’m getting into a Camaro LT1.


Thanks for the clarification, i was never a fan of the camero look but getting a V8 pushing 450hp+ for 34k is hell of a steal. Will Challenger offer anything like that where its bare bones but at least getting that SCAT Pack treatment in the engine department…

In addition to shortages, seasonality is against you. Convertibles don’t need incentives in the summer, nor AWD vehicles in the winter. What you want does just fine, where you are, for the next quarter.

The end of it. It started in feb or march no?

The pro move here is to start looking, but be prepared to sit-out all season, start a lease early, look at swaps during winter, etc. If you are itching to open it up this summer, well you and everyone with equity burning a hole in their pocket.

Good luck!

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When Dodge was still running the power dollar incentives, I was able to get a Challenger Scat for $35K. Unfortunately those incentives are no longer offered, it was less then a year ago, but might as well been a different timeline. I believe, part of this is shortages/inventory/demand related, but if you follow the news on FCA/Stellantis they are seriously re-organizing the SRT department to focus on electric. What SRT drivetrains they are building are going into the $100K Durango Hellcat.

You can still find an occasional Camaro LT1, but it’s not easy. It requires you to find a unit still in transit, hope it’s not waiting for parts, and then beat everyone else to pay MSRP on it. I’m looking at a payment of $373/mo for a $40K unit. Taking over a custom order from someone who didn’t want to wait any longer.

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