Leasing a custom order M340i

I am located in Los Angeles, CA. I am looking to lease custom ordered M340i.

What is considered a good deal off of the MSRP? Are dealers not willing to make good deals with custom orders?

I called the closest dealer to me and he said he can do 4k off of the MSRP which sounded like a pretty bad deal since I see people getting 10-11% off of MSRP but of course timing is important.

The build I configured came up to $61,245 including destination. That is roughly 6.5% off of MSRP.

Thanks in advance.

If you ask a dealer how much they want you to pay, they’re going to give you an answer that makes them happy.

Do your research, put together a target deal, and make them an offer.

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There are tons of data points on M340’s on here in both the Marketplace and Shared Deals sections. Yes, 10-11% pre-incentive discount at base MF should be easily achievable even on a custom order. As mentioned just calling up your local dealer and asking what they can do is not likely to yield this result however.


When I brought up these 10-11% discounts the dealer said he cannot do such deals as this is a custom order. I am not sure whether the response would have been different if I started directly with an offer. I feel like maybe I reached a random sales rep instead of maybe directly going to a specific person.

What do you mean by pre-incentives? I assume these are incentives that probably would not apply to me like loyalty and college grads.

Thank you.

You called one dealership. You should structure a target deal of 11% off and email all the dealers in SoCal. Also lots of brokers here in your area you can ask them and most of them are at buy rate.

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Very few. They would rather sell you a car that is in stock or on the ground.

Assuming you already did your homework on options a custom m340 might be lacking because of

And you really need to order one, I would pay a modest broker fee to someone here who can get the best deal and have it delivered.

If you insist on doing it yourself: structure the deal, send it dealers asking who will give up one of their prescious allocations to build what you want - and get your programs locked-in.

@AutoCompanion recently helped me with a custom order M340i that was pretty competitive. I’m East, but I think he does SoCal too…

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Thank you. I contacted @AutoCompanion just now but also I sent emails with my offer to pretty much all SoCal dealerships within a reasonable driving range. Let’s see if anyone bites my offer. So far when I call over phone I did not get impressive results.

I have never used a broker before. Is the idea that these brokers can get a better deal than you can? Why do the sales teams have the incentive to work with brokers?


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You hire the best lawyers, that play golf with the judge. They get paid to do the lifting for you. Convenience, connections, and the odd get you out of jail card (unicorn).

Martin, thank you! We appreciate the vouch, and love our clients!


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