Leasing a car from out of state dealer

Just browsing the website for now, but seriously considering leasing a car if my current situation changes.

I see some good deals on her, and was wondering what is the usual process for leasing from an out of state dealer? Is it usual to fly there, inspect the car and drive the car back (or ship it back).
I’m in Tampa, and i was looking at a listing from Mercedes of Omaha. The car i was looking at looks to be loaner or test drive vehicle.

Also, on loaners, that might be a bit older, does the factory warranty always extend to at least the end of the lease? Or is that different from lease to lease, and it’s something i need to look for?

people do both, ship it or drive it. Omaha to FL is far, for both driving and shipping (cost to ship will be high). Typically warranty starts when car was put in service. Those loaners are typically less than 1 yr old and Mercedes warranty is 4 yrs so you should be covered. I would ask to make sure before signing.

Or get a 2 year lease…

No dealers in Florida? I would think after paying shipping or the cost of an airplane ticket you could do just as well locally?

You might be right. Since i’m just browsing & and not ready to pull the trigger i dont want to email a dealer for quotes just yet.
I guess can always ask for total cost quote that includes shipping too.

But either way, it sounds like there should always be a in person inspection of the car.
Does that apply to brand new cars too?

unless the dealer is a volume dealer and ships out of state a lot, they don’t get good shipping quotes and you might be better off finding your own.

It appears from your questions that you’re not that experienced in leasing/shipping etc. Your safest bet is to get something locally, if you don’t want to do the leg work or feel uncomfortable or get frustrated (which is not hard in FL) you can always get a broker to help you, @mani_is_kool is well respected on this site and is a FL broker.


No experience with leasing beyond at local Mazda dealer for a Mazda 3 (great car btw).
I only co-signed that lease, and ended up making 28 out of the 31 lease payments (family, what are you gonna do?).

I did fly to San Francisco for a BMW M5 V10. This was not a rational decision. I been wanting it, saved up for it, and will most likely lose my shirt on it when i sell it. But i don’t regret it. That car i had shipped by covered trailer to Florida.

But you are right, when it comes time to pull the trigger, i will try local first. I have seen many of mani_is_kool posts, and he does have some very nice deals on Infiniti cars.

OUCH! that had to have been $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

I had my car shipped from Arkansas here to Cali. Dealer didn’t even bother of putting some protective wrap on the main areas since it was a open trailer. Had some chips on it. Then getting it registered here in CA was a nightmare. Dealer and DMV couldn’t get on the same page. I will never lease out of state.

I got really really luck on that. It cost me $1300. They had two other Cars from same spot going to Sarasota (50 miles away).
Since they knew i was shopping around, they basically charged me the open transport cost for shipping it enclosed. Regular price would have been around $2400 or so i think.
Got really lucky!

that sounds about right…nice job getting an enclosed transport for that price