Leasing a 2018 Hyundai Elantra SE

36 month lease
Money down: $1850, but that includes all taxes and fees, and first months payment.
Monthly payment: $170
MSRP: $17628

Is this an advertisement from the dealer or did you get an offer from the dealer? We would also like to know what the Money Factor or Rent Charge was and what state

Offer from dealer. New York State. The rent charge is supposed to be included in the
“money down”.

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How many miles? I’m seeing 221 a month (if everything was rolled in) for a 17k car not being so good

I will refer you to this post

much better, get in contact with drtodd! its definitely worth not stressing over the headache of back and forth with the dealer, but I cannot suggest you take it as is, the car needs more of a discount ontop of the incentives

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The first months payment is also included in the “money down”, so I dont know if that helps. 10k miles.

Also just wanted to add those prices are from the hyundai website. Our local area websites sites an msrp of $17628.

Not really sure what your trying to do here as you haven’t actually asked any questions. So what are you trying to do?

Retail bonus cash (RBC) does not apply if you are leasing thru HMF. Is this a HMF lease or a 3rd party?
You have a lot more work to do - the deal you have laid out is not good.

autobytel shows 4300 for lease cash OR 2500 for RBC; they don’t stack.

I want to lease this car.

How do I know what a good lease deal would be? I simply used a lease calculator on a website, and it says this is good.

Editing here because I cant post anymore due to being new.

In reply to tonyg2017:

I briefly looked at it.

I will have to look more closely at the numbers the next time I am there. I do know, however, that the fees and taxes are included in the money down. So I would be paying the 1850 that day (which is taxes, fees, and first months payment).

I guess I would have to find a lease calculator with more specifics? The one I provided does not have much of that.

To know if you have a good lease deal, you need to see what other people are getting. This might be by going to Hyundai forums and seeing what people say they got, go on Hyundai subreddits/social media until you have a good picture on the average monthly. For example on Hondas, the average lease is soso to bad depending on other cars you could consider in the same price point. If you want a cheap lease vs this exact car is also an important question.

If all this kinda of research isn’t your thing, I would suggest talking to drtodd! What lease brokers (good one anyways) know is when they are close to the bottom price a dealer could give, and make suggestions on alternative cars if that price isn’t good enough

I would like to do my own research for sure, but I am clearly new to all this. I am not even necessarily looking for the most outstanding deal ever. I just want to make sure I am not getting screwed over.

Would a lease calculator such as https://www.leaseguide.com/leasevalue-calc/#result give me a general idea on a good lease? Or are these things totally off?

before you can use ANY lease calculator you need to get the data:
sell price
lease cash (if any)
dmv fee estimate
tax rate

have you reviewed leasing 101 on this site?