Leasing 2018 Ford XLT with Sports package

I’m glad I found this site.
I just got an offer at the dealership for 2018 XLT with sports package.
MSRP at 50655,
Customer Savings 7355
Lease Rebate 1500
Dealer Added Accessorries 1845
with came down to Cash Price 43546.00

then, tax (3215.38) and total fees (809.99) were added, which got to
Total charges to 47670.37

With 39/10.5, with no money down, they have me 696/a month,
then I got it down to 600.01 with 2000 down.

I thought it was a great deal until I saw what others were paying for! 300 or 400/month!

I couldn’t find any PCO, but after seeing other member’s monthly payments,
I feel stupid and don’t know where to start.

This is my first time leasing a car, so if anyone could jump in and help me with this,
I’d truly appreciate it!!

Hey all,
I searched autobytel and came up with several incentives.
One dealer I went to, I was told that I can’t use certain incentives as they only apply to financing the vehicle. So, before I head to the dealership again, I just want to be sure of what incentives I can use.

What I searched were;
-1500 Bonus Cash
-300 Ecoboost Bonus Cash
-500 Ford Credit Retail Bonus Customer Cash
-500 Stand Alone Cash (Retail Customer Cash)
-3250 Stand Alone Cash (Retail Customer Cash)
-250 Bonus Cash (VIN Specific Select Inventory RCL Customer Cash)

With these, which ones can I use for leasing? and are they stackable?
Any help is greatly appreciated!

Go on Ford’s website and build the truck you’re looking at then search dealer inventory. You’ll be able to pick the dealer to search and match up vin’s with whatever truck you found at the dealership. They list the rebates in the lease calculator and you can get a rough idea at what the payments are by using the cash down as a discount.

Thank you, I will do that.

Couple more questions,

  1. The dealership discount (not the rebate or incentives) applied to purchasing/financing the vehicle is substantially higher compared to the discounts applied to lease. Is this normal, or can I get the same discount for purchasing:financing? ( pretty much the discount i see on the websites for their internet price.)

  2. According to my knowledge and research, in the state of GA you pay taxes for the sum of the leasing term; not on the entire car’s sales price. (Effective as of 1/1/2018) Please correct me if I’m wrong. The one I went today was telling me it’s the other way around.

This is my first time leasing, andI am learning A LOT from y’all and this community. I appreciate it!!

Discounts are discounts and rebates/incentives are just that. You should be shooting for 10% off plus incentives/rebates. The rebates/incentives will be different for leases and purchases

F150 or Explorer or something else?

how are you guys so high on payment i am 19 years old and leased a f150 xlt supercrew cab sports package with 12k/year for 286 a month with zero down…

No more pco’s is part of the problem

Thank you,

I sent an email to the dealer and gave them some numbers; 10% MSRP before incentive, base MF, and asked them to break down the numbers for me. Apparently I’m not hearing back from them.

What I’m experiencing is, once I start talking about MF and cap cost reduction, their attitude changes… at one dealer, I was even kicked out. I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong and giving them an unreasonable number, or they just don’t like the fact that customer knows these…

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Don’t go in, call or email and deal with the internet dept. You might have to get a broker if you can’t any where

When you say you got kicked out I’m picturing someone counting cards at the casino and getting escorted out. Pretty harsh treatment you got considering it’s just part of their calculation.

So I talked to several dealers, sent in my request through email,
and I got a few offers that are much lower than the initial one.
However, I’m still not happy with them… I guess it’s because I read about the 3K PCO, which I don’t have.

anyways, dealer seems to only give me the sales price after the dealer disc + rebates, and I don’t know what the exact numbers are before the incentives.
Is it important to find that out?

Yes, ask for a deal sheet or screenshot. If you’re not in a hurry I’d wait, try expanding your search radius too. Personally I’d just post on the edmunds forum and get the rates and figure your own deal, get the rebates off Ford’s site. That way you can build the deal out yourself and see if the payment you want is even possible. Also sign up for updates on ford’s site, you’ll potentially get a PCO from that if they come out again. And check the F150forum site, lots of info on there too.