Leasing 2018 330i loaner NorCal (Bay Area)



2018 BMW 330i loaner with ~4500 Miles
MSRP = ~44K
Selling price = 33.9K including 500 OL code
Monthly = ~248 per month (loyalty & 7 MSDs from lease return)
MSDs = 7*250 = 1750
MF = Base MF - (reduction due to 7 MSDs)
2 yr lease 10K/yr miles
Drive off = 1750 (only MSDs)

Leasehacker score is ~15 (this score seems to increase or decrease based on 0 drive off vs. putting even 400-500$ upfront - which is crazy) with total lease cost of ~6K for 2 yrs


Looking for an almost exact deal here in SoCal hopefully I’ll have the same luck.


Looks like NorCal getting all the good deals for BMW loaners. That’s an incredible deal. What’s the drive-off?


Added drive off… Should be basics - 7 MSDs + doc + first month. No registration as it is already registered. I am yet to take delivery of the car. Will update the #s once I take delivery tomorrow.


Wow, very slick deal. Well done!


Added calculator and updated latest information.


Which dealer is this?


Congrats! Could you PM the dealer info? I am in NorCal.


Could you PM me the dealer info as well … also in NorCal


Congrats. Could you PM me the dealer info? Thanks!