Leases under $100/month

A dealer in Boston routinely has Hondas under $100/month. Right now they have a 2016 Fit for $39/month with $2999 down. Good deal?

Others have mentioned Chevys under $60/mo. Where are those?

What is the cheapest monthly payment you have seen for a decent car?

That’s not under a $100 a month because it’s $3000 down. It’s closer to $122 a month but that probably doesn’t include the dealer doc fee or the acquisition fee. Maybe an Equinox LS could be had for under & 100 if you do a one pay lease

Aside from the Spark EV, which is region restricted and almost all gone anyways, you may be able to snag a barebones Equinox for around $100/month, $0 down (or pay just taxes and fees up front), if you qualify for every single incentive and the Costco money as well, and find a dealer very willing to deal.

Other than that, I don’t think <$100 is possible without extra money down.

Are you referring to the Chevy Cruze deals earlier this year? That was just a freak combination of events that led to those crazy low prices and it’s not normal.