Leases on Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV?

Which part of the term are the dealers not honoring?

I wouldn’t pay the roughly $600/mo that is for an outlander phev

any of it, but it appears specifically they don’t seem to be able to compute the cap cost reduction listed by santander. just getting real numbers out of these guys without going to the dealership for a test drive is a PITA.

I wouldn’t just for a lease, but the incentives are a good way to get a discounted cap cost: the discount more than pays for the cost of financing for that period of time. Really I’d like to own it, but bump the main cash outlay down the road by a couple of years, and provide some optionality to return the vehicle after 2 years if it doesn’t perform the way I expect.

Which also makes me ask: if my plan is to buy it out at the end of the lease, am I planning to run into any issues with that (i.e. not getting screwed by a dealer) in Florida for a Mitsubishi leased from Santander?

Do you really want to own the sinking ship of value that is a Mitsubishi? I can only imagine how painful the TCO on this is

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Only Certain Models (SEL) get the $7500. Follow this link

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If I’m reading and understanding this correct, the cap cost reduction mentioned in the ad requires, among other things, the dealer to pass on the federal EV tax credit (which they are not required to do) and use of MSDs. And the MF (at least last month) was pretty horrific (although I guess MSDs would help w/ that), as is RV.

I don’t know if it’s a matter of them not knowing how or them simply not wanting to bother to w/ it. And, regardless, if you can’t find a dealer to honor the (still very poor) advertised deal, then maybe move on to another car?

I admittedly don’t follow Mitsubishi cars, but I don’t ever recall a dealer or broker assisting w/ one.

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The only other comparable vehicle (PHEV SUV with 35+ mile EV range, sub $50k) is the Rav4 Prime, which is still not easy to get hold of, certainly no deals on it. Sorento or Santa Fe might be a possibility, but they lack the 1500W power outlet that enables a PHEV to double up as our emergency generator (at least to run the refrigerator during a long power cut), which is a consideration for hurricane resilience in Florida.

Plus the Outlander has the 3rd row, and the new model is styled very well and feels/drives great, particularly on SEL trim. On paper it’s really the perfect vehicle for us. A shame it’s a Mitsubishi I guess!

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The dealer is not involved here.

Either the bank offers it as an incentive or they don’t.

Oh, for reason, I thought dealers had discretion in how much of the credit they could pass along, assuming bank offered the credit.

They can mark up their selling price, effectively offsetting the incentive, but thats all.


Oh yeah, the old two (or three) scoops play. :ice_cream:

That’s definitely worth a boat payment. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

That seems like a really odd reason to skip a better car.

Sure a generator is a much better solution?

Is it weird for the ad to not explain how the net capitalized cost was calculated? B/c it seems that there are additional discounts not listed to reach that total.

Theyre including the down payment in the cap cost figure.

$43825 msrp
$595 cap cost

-$6321 ev credit
-$1500 lease cash
-$3999 down payment (due at sale listed is $3999 plus first month’s payment)

= $32600 cap cost before ttl

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That’s because he didn’t post the rest of the ad in the picture (he did it as text)
Or did you mean how much the Dealer / Maker Contribution is? (The ~$2600 amount)


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The 1500W power outlet is the least important of my reasons, the range/battery size is the bigger one. Sorento and Santa Fe have 13.8kWh batteries vs Outlander 20kWh. My commute is 38 miles each way and I’d like to do nearly all of it on battery.

Has anybody had a luck getting a dealer to honor this deal?

I thought since my local dealer had a bunch of Outlander PHEVs, they’d want to move a few…apparently not. They wouldn’t tell me the MF or other details but it isn’t really important.

lease deal $4395 DAS and $396/mo