Leasehackr Slack Channel?

Do folks think a leasehackr specific slack channel would be useful / fun?


I use slack for work…I hate it. JMO though.

I’m not sure what the usefulness would be? Outside of virtual chat, which is kind of similar to what is here anyways. Not sure 2 locations for LH banter makes that much sense. Again, JMO though


Slack is just adult discord. Change my mind.

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I currently have 8 different Slacks, 3 Discords, and 2 MS Teams. What does that make me?

I’m not in any of the WhatsApp-type private LH groups (I know there are a couple).

Just my inflation-adjusted 2 cents:

  • I think the active users are already here, I’m not sure Slack would make them more active, or users who are less active -> more active
  • I think new users find the LH site and forums through search engines, which won’t happen if that content moves into Slack (reduced discoverability)
  • A tenant of ChatOps is driving as much communication as possible into one channel (eg Slack, or a persistent chat tool). That and the forums makes 2+, with potential for discussion to fragment
  • The Slacks I have that are both active and useful, leverage a lot of other automation. I have one where Google Forms are filled out, and Zapier rules push those into private channels. Lots of webhooks. Unless the brokers want to be prescribed a way of working (which they don’t), I don’t see that being a benefit
  • Even if you don’t like the moderation that TH do, there are still cleanup activities that happen that are a function a DisCOURSE (edit: my brain cannot disambiguate Discord, Discourse, Disqus when typing - even though I know what I mean), that don’t exist in Slack.

TL;DR: opportunity for more a lot more noise (or in most of my Slack’s cases, 0 noise), with a lot less signal.

Disclaimer: I was a Slack shareholder, and sold all my stock when they announced their Salesforce acquisition. I am also a Salesforce shareholder, and while I want the stock to go up, I want LH to stay interesting.

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I just see a lot of convos here seem more like a chat and not a forum type discussion but thats just me. A lot of topics get sidetracked with nothing that the OP asked and more what the poster found interesting to talk about or bash the OP about.

Anyways I’m not saying a lot of folks would use it but maybe just move all the trash / shit talking there instead? one could never have to many slack workspaces :rofl:

I am not a fan of the idea. At that point, we are splitting users. We always have PM if people want to converse privately. I also want this to be something that is kept on one platform and not have to go back and forth. I feel like if we have a secondary platform, people that visit just to shit talk will just spam on there instead and mods might not be able to control it as much.

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