Leasehackr score is deceptive

The Leasehackr score is calculated as MSRP / monthly lease payments.

Thus, it is comparing the monthly cost on a negotiated lease price (e.g., 10k off MSRP) with a full-MSRP/no-discount purchase price.

In other words, if you use the Leasehackr calculator, the bigger discount off MSRP on a lease, the better the score.

This makes no sense, since the discounts off MSRP are often better for purchases than leases!!

A logical Leasehackr score would be unchanged by discount off MSRP, because similar or greater discounts would be available if the vehicle was purchased rather than leased.

Discounts off MSRP matter just as much for leases as purchases. The larger discount off MSRP, the lower the payment on a lease. MSRP DOES matter on a lease! That is why people (especially on here) can negotiate much lower lease costs than even what the manufacturers advertise.

Re-read my post.

Of course the lease payment changes based on discount off MSRP because it reduces cap cost.

But the Leasehackr score (“8.4 years” or whatever) is meaningless at best and deceptive at worst.

I agree its pretty much meaningless, thats why i compare the lease to percent of msrp.

Ok, I see what you are saying.

I think a better metric is to take the ($0 down equivalent) monthly payment, pre-tax, and divide it by the MSRP of the vehicle. At least to compare leases to other leases anyways. Of course EVs would probably need further adjusting due to the tax credits.