Leasehackr Calculator update


You speak and we listen! Per this community’s suggestions and requests, we have updated our calculator. Some of the new features include:

  1. Ability to calculate the selling price based on percentage off MSRP;
  2. Residual adjustment for BMW and Mercedes demo cars;
  3. Residual adjustment based on the 7,500 miles/year option, accounting for GM’s reduced residual adjustment in their 24-month and 27-month programs;
  4. BMW’s Acquisition Fee Waiver and One-pay Lease program;
  5. Minor formula adjustment of the Leasehackr Score to encapsulate tax’s impact;

We also took the chance to re-organize the layout to make it more intuitive, especially for first-time lessees. We hope this update will be a helpful improvement. As always, we welcome your feedback so we can continuously build the calculator into a more resourceful tool for the community!

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The general is doing 7500/yr leases now?


Thanks for all your hard work!


I think Volvo also has mileage penalty for loaners


Nope. Two separate things. One for GMs residual adjustment and 7500 mile options for other brands that offer it


A possible bug:

Select BMW -> click ‘One-pay Lease’ -> then click ‘One-pay Lease’ again.

Now the ‘0 Drive Off’ option disappeared and cannot bring it back. (Also the payment changed from the point before first time click ‘One-pay Lease’? this side effect only happen after put some real number)

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the doc fee does not populate correctly when clicking on a link.


thanks for the update

#5 - so does that now account “better” for taxes on rebates? I noticed the LH score decreased on a new BMW i3 which has $9K in taxable rebates. The dollars are still about the same, just the years appear to have decreased


How would one incorporate AudiCare into the calc? Add $999 to the sell price, then bump the RV up 1%? This makes the calc work, but artificially inflates the sell price to look like a much lower discount. Maybe add an AudiCare feature to Audi calcs?

Any way to make the “zero drive-off” feature into just 1st month DAS? Right now it seems to assume the 1st month gets rolled into the remaining payments. However, if I manually deduct 1st month from sell price, it gets the right number…

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We’ve also fixed the Tesla calculation bug. Input Tesla’s “base” residual (e.g., 54% on Model 3 for 36/10K lease), and it automatically adds the $3,750 tax credit to the residual, per Tesla’s practice.


The LH score formula has been revised to fix some inconsistencies in taxation. Previously, the LH score would drop when Zero Drive-Off was selected, even though the total lease cost was roughly the same.

The new LH score now compares the average monthly lease cost (including taxes, down payment, acquisition and disposition fees) with the post-tax MSRP.

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The Zero drive off assumes not even 1st month is DAS, but paying 1st month DAS is more common than paying absolutely $0 ie rolling it into the remaining 35 payments. Wouldn’t it be more useful to at least incorporate a “1st month DAS” option?


Thanks for catching the bug! We just fixed it.

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Not necessarily “better” but fairer we think. You provided a perfect example. Your rebate might appear big on paper, but in states where such rebate is taxed, it is not as economically effective as it appears.

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We are not sure how common the practice of doing 1st month only DAS is. Many zero drive-off lease contracts we have seen cover the first month payment through rebates, which are captured in the NCC and are taxed. Our current zero drive-off formula comes very close to the monthly payment figure on actual zero drive-off lease statements. Obviously every state and dealer does this a bit differently. We strive to provide a general guidance, not an exact figure.

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The calculator doesn’t auto-populate doc fees at the moment.


What is Volvo’s loaner mileage policy?


@ursus would know that.


$0.20/mile, up to 10k miles (was told by a dealer). Quentin would know :slightly_smiling_face: