Leasehacking Basics Video! (VINWiki)

This any of you guys?

This is actually… spot on. Hopefully can use this to point people to the basics of leasehacking.


I was just about to make a post about this! :slight_smile:

Thanks @ssmith96! This is great and describes the Leasehackr approach 100 percent.

Ran across this vid which provides a general idea of leasing works. Might be good for the folks who don’t always read through the hacking guide
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Oh god. I can’t wait for the influx of newbies who want to be spoonfed.


Well judging by the comments we are all total idiots who aren’t really car guys cause we rent cars and don’t “own” them. Missing the irony that literally every vinwiki story is sponsored by a financing company or they mention using car loans.

Financial literacy alive and well in the US


Added to Leasing 101:


Let me be the controversial one. I’m sort of confused as to why that dude is the guy talking about lease hacking having done a deal on a BMW 4 series loaner…possibly the easiest car in the line up? I sat through that whole video waiting to hear his deal and it never materialized. Instead I heard basically a lift of info from this forum…a screenshot of the LH calc, unaccredited to this site or Michael/LV and a passing mention in reference to LH related to lease transfers (which has nothing to do with hacking a lease). If these guys want to talk to an expert they should talk to you @michael . It reminds of that article some dude @HN308 helped get a deal on an i3 who took it to the press and was featured as some kind of brilliant mind.


Yeah, I had the same feeling.


I was waiting for a example of a possible unicorn deal too. As soon as he said 4 series loaner, I was a bit disappointed as that one was easily achievable. I know I was excited when I found my first unicorn deal for someone.

It’s @ssmith96! Great video.

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I don’t understand how this guy (or anyone) is able to negotiate or even get any sort of realistic numbers via email. Any time I’ve tried to contact a dealer online they just say “come in so we can discuss” but I’m in SoCal and many dealerships are an hour or more from me. How do I know I’m not gonna waste my time?

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Get on the phone. It’s that simple.

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Updated article to attribute video to @ssmith96.

Looked like he hacked an M4 to me, actually.

But any 4 is easy pickings.

I personally enjoyed the video. His story is similar to mine. Bought a BMW, which I got tired of and then started doing the math on buying a new car every few years. Decided to lease, which I thought was a good deal because it was a lower payment. In hindsight it wasn’t. Then found LeaseHackr and have gotten a couple of 0.7% payment to MSRP ratio cars. Gotta love the internet!


Does anyone have a email template they use to send to the dealer for the first contact?

There’s been several threads with such info. Search.

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I did that, thanks!

Looks like his is not the only one :slight_smile:

Found this one back from 2018.

The guy is using Leasehackr calculator to explain his M3 :slight_smile: