Leased Mercedes GLC back in June, want to know how I did

Hey everyone! New to the Leasehackr community. Asking about how I did on my Mercedes GLC300 leased mid-June.

MSRP: $50250
$595 monthly after 9.25% CA tax
DAS: $2000


Not good. Enjoy the car.

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That’s a pretty bad deal. Thankfully you found this place, and can come back before your next lease.

@mah4546 @Jon Oops, forgot to say it was $595 after 9.25% CA tax. Does the point still stand though?

Yeah. You put down $2k so your actual payment is $650/month. These lease for less.

You didn’t get ripped off, you just didn’t get a deal.

Don’t feel bad, I am in the same boat with an Audi lease I just signed.

In all honesty I don’t know how these ppl get these prices here bc around me no one wants to negotiate at all!

They travel and/or live in a highly competitive market. They may also just be savvy negotiators. 2 people can go in and look at an identical car and come out with 2 completely different outcomes at the same dealer. Luck fits the bill sometimes.

It’s not a 1 size fits all thing.

Are you taking into consideration “fully loaded” status? :grin:

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How savvy can one be if dealers are not willing to budge at all? Lol is there a resource you can point me to that would help start the negotiation process to begin with? What do these expert hackers say in their negotiations?

I would not assume that dealers treat every person in the same way

I don’t think this is a terrible deal at all. I worked hard to get a family member a glc/4 MSRP 51.5k loaner I think it was 540ish a month including maintenance with 1700-1800 das. 8.625 tax. I would say if it’s a new car it’s an above average deal. This was in July

Thanks for the feedback guys! Time to start learning hahaha

also, leasing 101 on LH site


Best deals are going to be in the biggest metro areas with large populations, multiple dealers and thus heavy competition.

Someone is not going to get the same deal in rural Indiana that’s available in Los Angeles. They’d have to fly to Chicago to get something similar.

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Sometimes you get a great deal, sometimes an average deal and sometimes a bad deal. It will all average out for you in the end.

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i’m assuming his 2k was for tax, title, acq fee, etc…not down as you stated so it shouldn’t be lumped into his payments for a benchmark

I’ve never put a penny down, not even first month. No reason it shouldn’t be lumped in. You can roll all of that into the monthly.

Wouldn’t you be paying a monthly interest on the tax, title, acq fee, etc if you aren’t paying it up front and thus negating the best possible deal?

It’s pennies. The total interest payments on my current 39/10k lease are $119 over the entire lease. Rolling everything in maybe added $2-3? Now I have virtually no MF, but so do many cars that are great to lease, BMW aside.

Yeah you end up paying tax and interest that otherwise wouldn’t be assessed if paid up front.