Leased Hyundai EV and cross country move


Will be moving from NY to CA over the summer. Have a leased Hyundai electric vehicle with about $7k equity per Carvana quote. Car transport from NY to CA is around $2000. Carvana can’t buy Hyundai leases anymore. Should I try selling to a Hyundai dealer before move and look to buy/lease a new EV in CA or should I transport?

Car prices are high. CA will give you a one time 2000 rebate for ev and another 750. You can factor those in

How much did your local dealer offer for it?

Car is leased more than a year ago. Will this qualify for a rebate in CA?

No, rebate would be on the replacement

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Have not gone to dealers yet. Just checking what path should I take. Sell to dealer (if they match carvana) or ship to CA.

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Youre missing the most important piece of information needed to answer that.

You need to work out what youll actually get for your current vehicle and how much a replacement would actually cost. Without that info, this is a pointless thought exercise.


Lollllll here we go

Ok. Thanks.

Have you seen what all these other buyers would offer + what blue/black book value is? Don’t just go based off Carvana

Also asking your local dealer to match Carvana, from my experience, isn’t the most effective strategy. They know that Carvana can’t buy your car so have no motivation to match it. Use all these buyers + book value to gauge the value, then offer the car to local dealers at $XXX. Last step can happen after you decide which way you want to go though. Once you have an idea of that $XXXX number, come back here with it. Based on that you can start to evaluate which route would be most cost effective.

Making this decision is just number crunching. First you need the right numbers to crunch.


Thank you. This is helpful information.

But Driveway and Algo can

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These secondary dealerships CAN buy it, but they don’t want to because HMFS is a major PITA.


Thank you. Did get quotes from Driveway and Algo. I have had a bad experience with Algo before where they lowered their quote by several thousands after virtual inspection on a pristine car. This time around, Algo was $3K lower than Carvana. Driveway is actually $500 more than carvana. Just curious to understand how driveway able to but Hyundai leases and Carvana doesn’t?

Next is take it to dealership and see what they can do. Also not sure how easy it would be to find a new Kia or Hyundai EV at MSRP in CA.

Driveway is owned by Lithia auto which has some hyundai dealerships and can get a title quickly

Carvana doesnt own any Hyundai dealers and needs to wait for the paper title which can take up to 90 days for a hyundai

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I sold my leased Hyundai EV to Autonation in New Rochelle. No issues, very smooth, and walked out with a check!


Carshop (Penske Automotive Group) is another one that can probably buy the car through its sister Hyundai dealerships.

Driveway just informed me they don’t purchase Hyundai Lease. Did something change recently?

They might not have a Hyundai dealership in your area / state.
Makes it a little harder to process

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South Shore has a Hyundai dealership, see if they will buy it. (Any South Shore dealer)