Leased Honda want to trade in for an SUV not honda

I’m in Los Angeles, CA. I’m currently leasing a 2020 Honda Accord sport this lease was signed on December 2020 and it will be over December 2023. My monthly payment is $495. Currently I want to trade this lease for another lease but looking for a SUV but not from Honda. I was trying to see if I can get some tips and ideas what I should do when I’m looking to trade the car in and which dealers have great deals.

A leased Honda will need to go back to a Honda/Acura dealer to be sold. You can also use a larger dealership chain that has a honda/acura store (think AutoNation/Penske etc). You will not be able to sell or trade to a dealership that is not Honda associated (unless they have a sister store that can buy it out). It is probable easier to just keep the transactions seperated (sell the honda first- then buy what you are looking for).

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Ohh really I didn’t know this thank you! Appreciate the help now I would need advice when I’m turning this lease in for trade. I’m new to leasing

Don’t muddy the waters with the trade until you’ve figured out what to pay for the new one.

Right now most deals are still awful except a few Nissans and Jeeps

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As Max said, if you ‘trade in a lease’ the Dealer might do some tricks in the paperwork and make money off you. Sell the Car, buy the next car as 2 separate transactions.

Where is that recent Honda something thread?

You mean this one?

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