Leased Car Totaled (Not at Fault); Few Questions


2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio with 5000 miles totaled in California (not at fault) 6 months into lease. Insurance company is asking for a photo of the price sticker and a copy of the lease agreement, specifically the payout section. I am ok sending the sticker but wouldn’t it be beneficial for me to withhold the lease contract? Sounds like they are wanting to pay payoff and not replacement value. Also, am I entitled to any upfront fees, such as tax and title since I’ll clearly have to pay that again in a new lease?

Any advice or additional things that I can or should seek to recover? Things to be mindful of?

Thank you in advance.


The lease contract wouldn’t let the insurance company know what the payoff is FYI.


Worth a read


Who’s your lease with?


If your lease is thru Ally … they offer what’s called a Substitution of Collateral(SOC).
Call customer service and ask to speak to someone concerning that topic.
They will tell you to go pick out a similar like vehicle from a dealer’s lot.
Something of the same year, model, and mileage.
If your insurance company is paying $35,000 for your total loss and you find a car for $35,000 (and the car is approved by Ally) … you just substitute that vehicle into the current lease contract.
I’m not sure how any policies such as tire and wheel would work with the SOC - I would assume it would have to be cancelled.
If the vehicle only costs $33,000 - then the difference from the insurance company is yours to keep.
Just an option to think about.