Leased Car Sept from PA Mazda dealer Still waiting for my plates

Anybody lease a car from any dealer in PA, and waited/waiting a long time for NJ plates and registration to arrive? I’ve been waiting 110 days as of this posting. I’ve called Scott Mazda, a few times,and a pleasant woman tells me the issue is with the company they hired to do registrations and the NJMVD. I have a neighbor who leased a car after I leased mine, and they already received their plates. I believe they got the car in NJ.

I wonder if I’m getting the run around from the dealership. Anybody have a similar experience? I know things have slowed because of covid, but over 4 months, when my neighbor only got his in less time than 110 days.

There are multiple threads discussing NJ dmv prioritizing in state registrations over out of state. This isn’t the dealership causing issues.


I suggest removing the broker / dealer name.

Why should I remove their names? I will do it, but i do not understand the reason.

Then people know which dealer is used by which broker

At least remove the broker name

Bought a CPO Mazda from North Penn Mazda in August and it took 6 weeks for NJ plates to arrive. Was surprised they came that quickly. Will be interesting to see how long my Camaro plates take

Country needs to know it’s heroes

@Billd You’re not alone. Got my Mazda from the same dealership. But mine is registered in Florida. It’s been 1.5 months still waiting. So not as long as you but still taking a very long time.

I don’t think their title clerk is the best they screwed up thinking my car getting registered in NY and I had to correct them on 3 different occasions. I’m hoping my plates come in soon because the temp plates runs out in 2 weeks.

How are you on 4 months and still on Temp Plates?

I am on expired transfer plates from PA to NJ. I call and get the same run around about the company they hired to do the work and the NJMVD, or leave a message and never hear back. its frustrating, that I may never use the broker again. The whole deal seemed shaddy. The car has has PA inspection tags so when I get the plates and registration I will have to pay my mechanic to put on a NJ inspection sticker, which will not be a dealer inspection sticker, and will be another $100 OOP. I’m starting to think I will not go the broker route again. I will not go into details, but there have been too many negatives, which I will not mention publicly.

Again, you are not alone. My Mazda was from the same broker and dealership, Scott Cars. I am waiting longer than you, I got my car July 25, 2020. I really don’t know what is going on. I called NY DMV numerous times and they told me that they have no records of my application. I drive to work on my expired Temp Plates but since we have a basement parking, no tickets issued yet. My concern though is my office is relocating next month - and will be parking in the streets.

Please remove the dealer name, it’s considered a professional courtesy to the people who are open and post information.

Name and Shame!!!


I understand the frustration, but I think you may be directing your frustrations in the wrong direction here.

The problem is with NJ DMV prioritizing in state registrations and letting out of state transfers sit on the back burner. The dealer uses a 3rd party to interface with the NJ DMV. Now, the 3rd party certainly should be more responsive and the dealer should help facilitate that, but to blame the broker because the dealer’s third party has to deal with the NJ dmv who is sitting on their hands because of a global pandemic seems very misplaced.

Reporting the problem to the broker is totally legit, and if this is an issue that comes up a lot for them, they should definitely reconsider which dealers they do business with.



All the folks trying to register in state deals like the used car folks and personal purchases that are registering vehicles take priority first.

That and the fact that a lot of NJ MVC have been closed due to someone testing positive for Covid. They are so behind it’s not even funny.

Blame covid really

I think it would benefit customers to know what dealerships are used by a specific broker. If I knew the one I used was getting the car from a different state, I would have looked for a broker who got the car from the same state. I would already have my plates by now even with covid and with a proper NJ inspection sticker.
This would have been a factor in my decision.

You’ll get a standard 5 year NJ inspection sticker. You get it if you purchase out-of-state. You won’t be another $100 OOP.

Honestly you need to settle down a little. It’s NBD that you don’t have permanent plates yet. Police aren’t giving out tickets for it. They understand what is happening. You’re making mountains out of a mole hole and expending unnecessary negative energy

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Did you ask the broker if it was coming from out of state?


You’re not going to pay for the 5yr new car inspection sticker.

When your plates and registration finally do arrive, they’ll send you a paper/card board temp inspection sticker. You go to your nearest MVC inspection site , hand them that card and they’ll slap on the perm inspection sticker. It’s literally 2 min. New car line too, so you won’t be in the long lines with the older cars to get inspected

Make sure you scrape off the 2 PA inspection stickers prior. You’re obviously not gonna need those . To this day, never understood why PA used 2 inspection window stickers.

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