Leased BMW i3 likely totaled, now what?

Someone decided to make a left turn in front of me on a 40 mph street (technically a state highway) on a non signalized intersection. All the airbags in my i3 inflated and the right wheel is crunched. Thankfully I braked and swerved as much as I could and managed to avoid a direct T-bone hit so there were no injuries to the other driver either. I’m assuming it will be a total loss.

How does one handle this with BMW FS?

Thanks in advance.

Call your insurance company…let them deal with it. That’s what you pay them for. Tell them you have GAP through your lease.

Just call your insurance company. They’ll let you know what you need to do.

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I am curious how i3 survived this, gotpics?

This is the one you were trying to transfer right?

thats one way to get out of the lease :smiling_imp:


Interested in pics and how the i3 handled it as well.

Interested to see how it “survived” a 40mph hit as well

Interested to see a left turn at 40 mph on a 40 mph street.


Call a lawyer so you can try to recoup whatever money you’re out.

@ursus I wasn’t making the left turn at 40 mph. Though when I saw the other vehicle come up in front of me I tried :slight_smile:

The actual collision was probably NOT at 40mph because I braked hard.
The i3 passed with flying colors. I was slightly shaken but no scratches or even burns from the airbags. All front and right airbags (I didn’t realize there were so many) popped. The i3 even tried to call 844 something (BMW?) right after the crash. I was too shaken up to take pictures but I will take some when I go to the tow yard this week to pick up some of the stuff that was in the car.

My insurance suggested that it is likely the other driver’s fault and so they told me to contact his insurance co. which I have done.

My question was more related to what I need to do to handle it with BMW.

I didn’t mean you. I understood it was the other driver making left turn. Glad you are ok.

Contact the other insurance company. It will save you a lot of hassle in the long run. Cuts your insurance company out of the process and makes it a lot easier. Glad to hear you’re okay!

I wish he had made the left turn at 40mph. We wouldn’t have collided.

Glad you’re ok. I 2nd the request for pictures. Has BMW contacted you for pics as well?

Why would BMW ask for pictures?

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Pics or didn’t happen…

Figured since it’s a carbon fiber tub and relatively new, they may want to see what happens in real world crashes.

Volvo used to this at one point, too.

As someone in insurance the likely situation is:

#1 File with your own company (assuming your with a reputable insurer). It is typically easier to deal with your own company than a random one. Plus you have no idea what limits the other driver has (if your car can be covered by the other drivers policy). In Arizona our minimum property damage amount to be legal is $10,000 in property damage. That will not even come close to covering your vehicle. Once your company pays you out they will go after the other parties company. With us once it is recovered any out of pocket expenses you had are reimbursed (deductible).

If you car is totaled the insurance company will send payment to BMW FS. If the amount is short your gap insurance should kick in the difference. Who ever totals out the car (they are buying it) will want the title so they can sell it for salvage. At the point you know it is totaled and you know what the insurance is paying you should call BMW and let them know. They will have a department just for payoffs that can handle the additional paperwork for you.

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@buster11xx Thank you so much. A dozen other posts and all of them voyeuristic with no answers to my original questions!