LEASED 2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio Ti

Got a smokin’ Stelvio Deal!

24 Months, 10k Miles per year

MSRP $51,190

Only 1st Month DAS, then 23 payments of $371 (plus FL Tax of 6% totals $393 per month).

Total Lease is $8,904 plus tax, total out of pocket over the lease duration.

Contact Bryan Peoples at St. Petersburg Alfa Romeo 727-374-4500. Tell them Brett sent you!

Thank you fellow hackers for your help achieving such a great deal!


Can you share details like which bank your deal was through, sales price, MF, RV and total rebates to help others replicate?

I’ve attached the lease agreement.

Ally was the bank. The non cash credits and Amount Paid in Cash were all paid by the dealership. I only paid the first month’s payment.

RV 61%

5k Drive -Off?

Still a decent deal.

Darn. No Lussos in stock and all his Ti’s have black interiors. :frowning:

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No. He said first month only.

Dealer paid everything except first month payment. That was my only Due At Signing. NO Drive-offs paid by me.

That’s what Alfa of Greensboro (NC) is doing. Same deals. For Stelvios that are 48K the DAS is $359 and $359/month (Including tax).

I think this beats even the other deal substantially. This car’s MSRP was $51k. For every $1k higher in MSRP, figure about $25 added to the lease payment.

I worked with Greensboro, Erie PA, Orlando, and a few others and nobody could touch this. Erie, PA came close, but not quite where St Pete Alfa Romeo landed.

I think you’re right. Where are you located?

I live in Orlando. I made the drive over to pick up the car today from the dealer in St. Petersburg.

If I could get a Lusso for $360, I’d jump

I was told by the OC dealer that the Stelvios were only out in the Lusso in the '19 models. Seems as though that is not correct. Can anyone confirm one way or the other. They certainly didn’t have any Stelvio Lussos when I checked them out

There are fewer Lussos, but they are there.

Alfa of Greensboro (NC) is offering $299 due at signing, $299/mo on their website. Thanks for the heads up! I assume this is not for the Ti, at the $299 price. Still a killer deal.

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The difference is the dealer contribution. It looked funny to me, as well, when I signed the deal so he explained it. They swiped my credit card for the first month. I wish the Florida contract had clearer language pertaining to who pays that difference.

Great deal, well done!

That’s for the base model with no options. But they don’t have any of those left in stock. I was there on Saturday and they had sold a ton of them already this month.

You were working with the Erie dealer, even from Orlando?

Yes. Even with shipping, his deal was close to the deal I got here. I would ship from California if the numbers made sense.

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