🐶 LeaseCompanion August Toyota Deals MD/DC/VA

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24/7 DEALS
Low $249 Broker Fee
Low $500 Dealer Processing Fee
First Come First Serve, MSD Program Available.


Lease Payment Quoted Disclosures:
• Excellent Credit
• Excludes Tax, Tags, & Title Fees


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What to Expect:

  1. A majority of broker interactions begin with you as a consumer inquiring about an ad I have displayed.
  2. Upon contact we work together to identify your needs and find a car that is right for you!
  3. We will then run the numbers to structure the deal to your specific situation and yes I actually take the time and walk with you through the calculator calculations.
  4. I then confirm the deal and structure with any number of my dealers.
  5. Lock up the car and then ask for a broker fee.
  6. After the broker fee is paid I will provide you with information included a link to Lexus Financial Service’s direct website along with clear instruction on how to proceed.
  7. Once you are approved, the dealer will initiate contact and schedule paperwork and delivery.

I do take pride in my work and you are my priority. I try my best to be responsive and take inquires almost 24/7.

  • Refundable (100%) if your Application is Denied without conditions.
  • Refundable (100%) if we are unable to obtain you a vehicle or pricing is not honored by dealer.
  • Refundable (50%) if you back out of the deal.
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Hackrs! We are back with Toyota Deals going forth. Huge inventory shortages so we will try our best to accommodate.

Interested in the Toyota deals but that option is not available in the form.

Thanks send me a PM. I will fix shortly