Lease X4 M40I 2020


I’m trying to find out what is a reasonable deal on a lease in Chicago for X4 M40I. I’m new to leasing.

I was quoted a monthly payment of 876 w/ tax included. Our sale tax is 9.75%
MSRP: $ 66945
Selling Price: $58595
Incentives: $2500
Cash due at signing : $5000
Months: 36,000
Miles: 10,000

This is terrible but you need to get more details. There is nothing I can do to get your payment that high. Whatever you do not put down 5K on a lease.

Your discount is around 8.7% with that you should look something like this

Even with max money factor markup they wouldn’t get to your number with putting so much down. Something is fishy.

Please do yourself a favor and do a lot of reading on this site to learn how leases work so you will be able to spot how you are getting ripped off.

As a comparison here is an x3m comp being offered for $877 $0 due at signing.

Wow that’s terrible. It’s more than my X4M Competition payment.
Something isn’t right there if that’s the discount they’re giving you and the incentives.
Get the complete breakdown from them.

If this is Chicago proper, I bet the tax rate is wrong and more like 15+

Thank you all for verifying what I thought. I will more research definitely to more research.