Lease Warranty Coverage?

So I leased a Jaguar XF 20d (Diesel) a few years back… Been giving me quite a few issues. Few days ago, it started leaking Diesel fuel and leaked all over my garage floor (which now smells pretty bad).
Any idea if this is something you can go after Jaguar for? Referring to the damage to the garage floor, not vehicle itself. The car is currently in the shop being fixed.

Ask the dealer?

The one I leased it from is in another state. The one I service at isn’t great. They haven’t even had a service loaner for me half the time I’ve had to leave my car. there I called Jaguar corporate and they said the only thing I could do is get it fixed, then file a claim with them, but no info on whether or not there’s a chance of them agreeing to cover it.
That’s why figured I would ask and see if anyone has had any similar experiences dealing with something like this.

did it just stain the concrete? Or eat away at it? Some degreaser and a pressure washer should take care of it.

Not sure. It stained both the garage concrete as well as the driveway at the least.
I’ll try to pressure wash it anyways, but wanted to see if it was worth talking to them about it

I would contact Kitty Cat Customer Care with before photos of garage and driveway, explain the situation and where it’s in service, and ask what assistance they can provide in remediating the damage caused by this issue. I wouldn’t get huffy at all until they confirm it’s warranty/defect (not caused by something you hit). Be polite and ask, see what they offer.

Is diesel like oil where kitty litter will soak it up? I’d try that and sweep it up first.

I read baking soda could help too so put some on there and will see if it helps.
As for Jaguar Customer Care… They mentioned they can only start a case if I have already done something to repair it and have receipts to justify it. But officially said warranty doesn’t cover this, only repairs to vehicle.
I’ll wait and see what else the dealership says once its done. So far, it sounds like they are just replacing the fuel return hose I believe. Funny enough, there was a recall on some vehicles (same year, model) for that exact issue, but I called to check, and my particular VIN was not part of the recall. Again, not sure if that will help my case or not.

Appreciate all the feedback so far.

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Keep us posted and let us know how you make out. And post pics if you want both help on the diesel spill and RoomRater-style critique of where you park your cars.

Will do! And our house was purchased bank owned (a complete gut). Interior has been finished and now working on outdoor grill area. Garage will probably be after that, so there is definitely much to critique :slight_smile:

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I did one of those 2011-2013, you will love it when you’re done, which is hopefully long before you sell it. :wink:

I think most of us can guess how this will end.

They will tell you to GTFO because the cost/benefit doesn’t justify hiring a lawyer to sue them.