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trying to lease a car through a broker and the least they are offering is a little different than what ive seen before. I have not yet seen the contract, the only thing the broker tells me is that it is similar to a normal car lease with a difference that the car has to be turned back to the dealer. I cannot buy it out or trade it in at any point. Anybody knows anything about this type of lease ? This is in SoCal.

Thank you

Any more details? What type of car? Is this a broker that’s here on the forum?

is it a LH broker? What car is it?

Some banks have high residuals and third party buyout restrictions, similar to how Nissan financial structures leases

its not that complicated and didnt need a thread started…

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I’ve seen a credit union do this before too. Not really a “type of lease” just a bank decision.

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Is this a Jeep dealer? One dealer here in FL mentioned a similar rental lease from Stellantis a couple weeks back but didn’t have any info other than that the payments were lower but you can’t buy out.

@mllcb42 did some digging and it seemed like it is only for fleet vehicles though.

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Google the lessor and see how good or bad they are about lease-end charges for excess wear and tear.

Important to consider whether this might have equity at the end. What’s the mystery car? What’s the RV?

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