Lease turn in Question - 1 month early

My final lease payment is due March 1st 2018. I can turn my car in anytime up until April 1st

My question to you is - would I be able to turn my car in to the original dealership, say, this weekend or next? Then just pay the final payment March 1st, even though I turned my car in a few weeks earlier? Or will they ‘‘fine’’ me for turning in my car early with last payment not made? I will not be re-leasing from them (going to different car company).

I called Chrysler Capital Finance today and the person on the phone seemed a bit confused with my question.

I turned in a Ford Lease today 2 months early. I submitted my payment for final two months last night but it won’t post to the account until Monday. Dealer didn’t care and the paperwork shows a balance.

Don’t see why they’d care. You owe if you have the car or not. Now they have the car AND the contract saying you owe.

Not sure how Chrysler works. I’d call your local dealer and he’ll be the most knowledgeable about the end process since they’ve probably dealt with these situations before.

I’m not worried about how they feel lol - I’m worried about my perfect credit history/report being dinged because I turned my lease in early when I plan to pay the final payment in 3 weeks (when it’s actually due).

So it sounds like I can just pay my payment online and that’ll take care of the question.

Yeah I’ll give them a call :). Thank you.

Can’t see how they could ding your credit UNLESS you didn’t pay in time. And you want to make sure your lease agreement doesn’t include some stipulation that if you do turn it in early, remaining payments are due with X days. So if you have the cash, I’d just pay it off when you turn it in.

Best case scenario was that I turn it in sometime in February, and just pay my final payment on March 1st (which is anyways the due date).

I just don’t know if turning my car in early will then be processed as ‘‘turning in lease early’’. If the only way to avoid that, is paying online/over the phone. Which I’d prefer not to do.

Worst case scenario I just hold onto the car for another month. Ew.

What sort of vehicle are you turning in?

I have a Fiat 500E and i’m allowed to turn it in up to 3 months early.

Mine was paid off by another lease deal so I could have kept it for two more months. But I already have two cars and I’m a single guy. So 3 cars isn’t exactly what I need. Plus it would require paying registration which was due this month ($200), pay insurance ($50/mth), and risk something happening right before turn in.

Turning in a 2015 Chrysler 200 limited. It’s a POS car, discontinued and not valued great (even though there’s only 20k miles on it).

Probably why they wouldn’t let me turn in early. They don’t want it on their lot lol.

I tried to get other lease deals to pay off my lease in December but none would, they’d only ‘‘buy it’’ and ‘‘sell it’’ rolling the negative equity ($5k) on top. F that. People are avoiding my car like the plague.

You’re lucky…I had to may the shit $295 registration in January. So annoyed.