Lease Turn-in Inspection

Well, had my lease turn-in inspection today with my MB E350. The process is different than my last one - they come to you first with an independent party to inspect the lease.

I have one “non-matching” tire that I got cited for. I called Mercedes, and I said no where in the contract that I signed did it say the tires all need to “match.” They agree that I signed nothing to that effect, but they still say all four tires need to match. I asked for a Supervisor to call me back, but no call yet. Trying to fight City Hall ain’t easy! I even called the Used Tire places, but they don’t have the exact match.

Anyone have this experience with “matching” tires?

It’s a standard requirement, I believe. At least I remember seeing it somewhere in my leases (not MB though)

What @Ursus said. With my Audi all tires had to match and have at least 4/32 of tread life.

Ya thats pretty standard. You will have a very hard time winning that one

can’t call around to all the possible used cheap-ass tire places and see if any of them have the tire you want?

what kind of tire? i had good luck once buying new tires on ebay, they also have used there.

It’s a liability for any car company to sell nonmatching tires because the stopping distance will be different and etc. I returned my Merc last month but I did spent $900 12 months prior to get all 4 tires replaced.

I’ll keep looking for a match for the ContiProContact 245-40-18R 97 V at the used tire places. Worst case is I pay the $279 MBFS is claiming upon turn-in. But I still say the contract says nothing about “the tires having to match.”

As stated earlier, I have had good luck on eBay finding all sorts of used tires

I’ll check it out, but due to timing, I’d have to find something local listed.

$70 bucks for a used one on Amazon. Ebay has them for ~$72.

Thanks for the heads-up. I saw a nice one on Amazon.