Lease Turn In for Jeep with Ally

I have a 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited lease that ends at the ends June 30, 2020. It is a 3 year/36k mile lease with Ally. I am currently at 31,200 miles and I know I will hit my mileage limit before then (probably April ) and am prepared to park this car and buy another car before I go over my mileage.
  I was doing fine on mileage but I moved twice as far from work and as a result  won't lease again. I am also willing to pay double payments for a few months, however I was wondering if there is something that I am missing in terms of trading the Jeep in or something like that. 

I do not want to roll the remaining payments into the new car as I don’t want to pay interest on them. Please advise, I’m prepared to pay the payments while the car sits but just want to make sure that that is the best idea.


Have you got a purchase quote from carvana, shift, and vroom to compare against your current buy out price?

From what I understand, Carvana doesn’t want to deal with Ally or vice versa. Not sure about the others but definitely something I could look into.